July 25, 2010

DIY: Chalkboard Mania

Since the chalkboard bottles were such a hit - I know this because it has come up in conversation with many of you but you all can share your thoughts with me on the comments below too....not to beg...well okay I am begging but seriously share some comment love with me.  That's how I know what you like and what you don't like - anyway since you loved the bottles I thought why not take my chalkboard spray paint and go crazy with it.  

free pots

don't mind the fact that I blurred out some of the information

I had a few more ideas that I didn't get around to trying - maybe you can try them.

tags for baskets and bins
table tops
candle holders
inside cabinet doors/pantry doors
spoons/knives as garden labels/stakes

Oh and I forgot to mention - don't spray paint anything that you will eat out of - it is very toxic paint.  So keep that in mind as you paint bowls, plates, mugs etc.  I recommend painting only the outside of mugs and cups to make a fun label.

So hope you got some fun, inspirational ideas.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks for the good idea's! I like the fridge one! It was good to see you last weekend.


Unknown said...

Thanks Ann!

You could make them and have one for each kid and their art projects or important school stuff - then again chalk and kids in the house may not go together.

It was so fun to see you too. I was super bummed we couldn't stay longer.

Anonymous said...

I love you website. YOu are sooo creative and humble. Keep it up!!

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