May 29, 2014

Hello Griffin Fyvie Keith

We are overjoyed to welcome Griffin Fyvie Keith to the family.
Born May 27th weighing 8lbs 7oz and measuring 20.5 inches he has captured our hearts and we couldn't be more in love with him.

Even proud big sister Ella thinks so.

So thankful for these two precious gifts!
God is good!

May 22, 2014

Last days of being the baby

The countdown is starting…in a few days she will no longer be the baby.  
She will go from baby to big sister, from only to oldest.

I'm cherishing every moment I have with Ella, just the two of us.  Playing, cuddling and taking a crazy amount of photos.  As I look through these photos I realize that she really is no longer a baby.  She is a big girl and ready to take on her roll as big sister.

Ella is very loving, affectionate, social and playful.  Not to mention stubborn and a little bossy.  She won't have any trouble handling the pressures and responsibilities of being the big sister.  I know we will go through the standard jealousy phase but I think she will love having a baby brother to love on - not to mention boss around and eventually be her little playmate.  

While we wait for her brother to arrive we are trying to fit in a bunch of fun summer activities that may be just a little bit harder with a newborn.  

naked watermelon feasts
lots of runs through the sprinkler
visiting the local zoo 
playing at the park
backyard picnics
lots of bubble fun
sharing lots of ice cream cones (benefit of a preggo mommy)
messy outdoor painting
baking a special big sister treat together
and lots and lots of cuddles

May 13, 2014

Baby #2: 36 weeks

By now I'm actually 37 weeks and feeling very ready to meet this little guy.  As so many moms know, being pregnant with a toddler is physically and mentally exhausting.  The last week I've been more uncomfortable than I ever remember being with Ella her whole pregnancy.  I also know that life is probably easier with him in the belly than when he arrives and I have two needy children to tend to.  So I am trying my best to enjoy and cherish these last few weeks with just Ella.

May 9, 2014

Knit Football Hat Pattern

I've been going a little knitting crazy lately trying to get the shop filled before baby boy arrives so here is yet another pattern:

I know it's not football season but that gives you plenty of time to knit a few up before September.
It is an easy and quick pattern.  If you've knit a hat before you can knit this one.  

Ella loves it too.

And still asks to wear it all the time even though it is a bit too small.

She asks to wear a lot of interesting things - all at the same time.

May 7, 2014

New Handknit baby hats in the shop (not patterns)

Remember when I said that I knit a crazy amount of baby hats and Ella never wore half of them….?

Well I decided since we are having a boy, there is no point holding on to them so I've added some of them to the shop for some other adorable baby to enjoy.  Check them out.

 Or click on the picture to be brought to that item's shop page.

May 6, 2014

Knit Baby Hats - Baby Boy

While pregnant with Ella I went a little crazy knitting hats and headbands for her.  Granted, she was a fall/winter baby but still I don't think she wore half of them.  I tried.

Buried in hats.

So I swore I would not go as a crazy the second time around.  Especially since it's a May baby.  Not exactly hat weather.  But then I  found out we were expecting a boy.  And then I started shopping and thinking about his coming home outfit and all the photos that get taken at the hospital and this happened…...

I've narrowed down the hospital collection to the following:

Excessive yes but much improved from Ella's collection.

She did look so cute in them….

To make some of your own baby hats visit my Etsy shop for some of the patterns….

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