May 22, 2014

Last days of being the baby

The countdown is starting…in a few days she will no longer be the baby.  
She will go from baby to big sister, from only to oldest.

I'm cherishing every moment I have with Ella, just the two of us.  Playing, cuddling and taking a crazy amount of photos.  As I look through these photos I realize that she really is no longer a baby.  She is a big girl and ready to take on her roll as big sister.

Ella is very loving, affectionate, social and playful.  Not to mention stubborn and a little bossy.  She won't have any trouble handling the pressures and responsibilities of being the big sister.  I know we will go through the standard jealousy phase but I think she will love having a baby brother to love on - not to mention boss around and eventually be her little playmate.  

While we wait for her brother to arrive we are trying to fit in a bunch of fun summer activities that may be just a little bit harder with a newborn.  

naked watermelon feasts
lots of runs through the sprinkler
visiting the local zoo 
playing at the park
backyard picnics
lots of bubble fun
sharing lots of ice cream cones (benefit of a preggo mommy)
messy outdoor painting
baking a special big sister treat together
and lots and lots of cuddles

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