February 24, 2014

Nursery Prints

We are not done with the basement yet but I am already mentally moving on to the nursery.  We have decided to have Ella and her baby brother share a room so now I am trying to turn Ella's feminine nursery into a fun, gender neutral space where they will both feel comfortable.

I shared in this post my "scheme" for the nursery and with that in mind I put together a few new prints to quickly and easily update it.  They are still mostly feminine but they are starting to incorporate the navy color scheme I want to introduce.  I haven't decided which ones I'll actually use but there are plenty to choose from.

February 16, 2014

Basement Remodel: Carpet

The carpet is installed and we are officially starting to move in the furniture.
The basement still isn't finished but we are starting to move in and enjoy it.  

It's amazing how just some lumber, drywall and carpet (and a lot of man power) can transform a space. The paint helped too. 

Part of me loves it without any furniture.  Just a wide open space for running, playing and having fun.

Ella and Lola sure loved it that way.

Here is our remaining checklist before I will call this project "finished:

-  install post and stair railing
-  new stairwell light fixture
-  finish electrical (all outlets and the last can light)
-  finish the trim around the window
-  cut, paint and install shelves in nook
-  paint and assemble entertainment center
-  install kitchen cabinets, shelves and countertop on back wall for office/craft station
-  move in furniture

Once these things are finished I will post the final before and after photos.  Of course, I imagine there will be plenty of finishing touches that won't be in the "after" photos like wall art, pillows, accessories, etc.….I will slowly as time and budget allow add those touches.

But for now I am just going to sit down there and enjoy more space and all the possibilities that brings.

February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are a few of the other cards Ella is sharing with family and friends.

This year Ella is also sharing her new favorite pink inspired snack mix complete with cheerios, yogurt drops, mini marshmallows and iced animal crackers.  Considering Ella and her friends don't really have teeth yet we had to keep it pretty simple.  She managed to gum her way through a animal cracker but it was not a pretty sight.  Hopefully her friends' moms don't hate me after getting this.  I had to include them…they complete the mix.

We also spent a good portion of the afternoon baking for our larger family and friends.  
M&M cookies and chocolate covered Oreos were on the menu this year.

I didn't take any photos of the final, completed packages - just didn't have it in me anymore between baking and painting the basement - but they were wrapped similar to the snack mix in the heart bags from the Target dollar section.  Unfortunately the cute heart on the front gets lost when tying the bags but they were only a $1.  Can't complain.

Now to put together Ella's little Valentine's package.  It will contain lots and lots of stickers (a new obsession), a Curious George book (her favorite), pink glow sticks for the bath, some snacks and other fun pink and red crafty items.

Hope you all have a fun, festive Valentine's Day!

And because I love reminiscing, here are last years cards.

What a difference a year makes!
And to think, next year there will be a new face in these photos….

February 9, 2014

Basement Non-update update

There is nothing to report on the basement unfortunately.  I am very hopeful the contractor will finish up the wood work this week because I have scheduled the carpet to be installed on Saturday and they will not install carpet without baseboards.  I really want the carpet to be installed because that is the last step before we can start decorating and using the space.

All this waiting though has given me way too much time to "shop" and dream up how I want the space to look and feel.  I have not shared this with my husband yet so we'll see what actually ends up happening.  I have already heard of this basement referred to as his "man cave" several times.  All I have to say to that is….hahahahaha.

We are packing a lot in a small space.  It will definitely have a seating area and entertainment center.  I'm creating a kid play space with Ella's table and chairs and bookshelf not to mention most of her toys will make the big move down there.  But I am most excited about the craft/storage area along the back wall.  I am using Ikea kitchen cabinets and butcher block to create a work space for my sewing/knitting/crafting.  And maybe a few toys too. 

Check back next week to see the big update (hopefully).

February 8, 2014

sometimes all a girl needs is a cute skirt and a photo shoot

I love this girl and I love that the moment I put this on her, she smiled, twirled and danced.
Where did she learn that skirts were meant to be twirled?  I don't think I taught her that (yet).  Is it something little girls are born knowing?  Is she twirling because she feels pretty?  I tell her she is pretty or that the skirt is very cute on her but how does she know what pretty is?  She likes this skirt and it makes her happy so has she made the most perfect association that pretty means happy and joyful?  I hope so and I hope she never loses that joy.  I hope that joy always make her feel pretty.  Most of all I PRAY that joy comes from knowing and loving the Lord and knowing that he loves her more than ANYTHING!

And if she ever doubts that, maybe some of these photos will give her a glimpse of the sweet joy that lives within her.

Sunglasses also make her happy and a little sassy.

She will always teach me far more than I will ever teach her.

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