February 9, 2014

Basement Non-update update

There is nothing to report on the basement unfortunately.  I am very hopeful the contractor will finish up the wood work this week because I have scheduled the carpet to be installed on Saturday and they will not install carpet without baseboards.  I really want the carpet to be installed because that is the last step before we can start decorating and using the space.

All this waiting though has given me way too much time to "shop" and dream up how I want the space to look and feel.  I have not shared this with my husband yet so we'll see what actually ends up happening.  I have already heard of this basement referred to as his "man cave" several times.  All I have to say to that is….hahahahaha.

We are packing a lot in a small space.  It will definitely have a seating area and entertainment center.  I'm creating a kid play space with Ella's table and chairs and bookshelf not to mention most of her toys will make the big move down there.  But I am most excited about the craft/storage area along the back wall.  I am using Ikea kitchen cabinets and butcher block to create a work space for my sewing/knitting/crafting.  And maybe a few toys too. 

Check back next week to see the big update (hopefully).

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