February 8, 2014

sometimes all a girl needs is a cute skirt and a photo shoot

I love this girl and I love that the moment I put this on her, she smiled, twirled and danced.
Where did she learn that skirts were meant to be twirled?  I don't think I taught her that (yet).  Is it something little girls are born knowing?  Is she twirling because she feels pretty?  I tell her she is pretty or that the skirt is very cute on her but how does she know what pretty is?  She likes this skirt and it makes her happy so has she made the most perfect association that pretty means happy and joyful?  I hope so and I hope she never loses that joy.  I hope that joy always make her feel pretty.  Most of all I PRAY that joy comes from knowing and loving the Lord and knowing that he loves her more than ANYTHING!

And if she ever doubts that, maybe some of these photos will give her a glimpse of the sweet joy that lives within her.

Sunglasses also make her happy and a little sassy.

She will always teach me far more than I will ever teach her.

1 comment:

Ashley.Renee.Redelman said...

Very sweet thoughts, Jess. She does exude so much joy and happiness!

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