January 23, 2014

Cupcake Baby Hat Pattern (and a coupon code)

I've been making the cupcake hat for years and it is definitely a favorite of all.
I can see why too, it is definitely sweet and cute.  Perfect for that precious little girl.  

I don't know why it took me so long but I finally added this pattern to the shop.

In honor of the new cupcake hat I'm offering a coupon for 25% off all the baby hat patterns in the shop good through January 30, 2014.

Just type in code CUPCAKE2014 at checkout!

Visit Sweet Pea Knits to check them all out.

January 21, 2014

Baby #2: 20 weeks

I know I've already made the announcement that we are expecting a baby boy (you can view the post here) but now I am finally getting around to sharing the bump update.

We actually almost didn't find out what we were having….baby boy was very uncooperative with his legs crossed for most of the ultrasound.  Fortunately we had a very kind ultrasound tech who gave us some extra time to try and get him moving…which he did for a quick shot of the goods.

We also found out that baby boy has a two vessel umbilical cord instead of the typical three.  I never knew anything about this but apparently umbilical cords typically have three vessels, one vein (which carries oxygen and nutrients from you to the baby) and two arteries (which shuttle that waste back to you, to be processed and disposed by your kidneys).  In this case the cord has one of each - which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it just means we need to make sure baby boy is getting all the nutrients he needs.  Because of this I am no categorized as "high risk" which is really just a precaution but it means that I get frequent little peeks of the guy as we watch his growth - which so far is great.  He tracking to be a big boy!

We also got the unexpected surprise of a 3D ultrasound.  I still am not sure how I feel about these, sometimes they can be a bit creepy but I must say that it is pretty amazing to watch your baby move in these ultrasounds.  Here is a peek.

There is something so strange about it but I love the one of his little hand and thumb.  That one doesn't creep me out as much.  Can't wait to meet him.

January 19, 2014

Basement Remodel: paint on the walls

I was going to wait to share this update until I actually painted the walls with color but I do not know when I will find the time for that.  The transformation with just some primer and ceiling paint seems dramatic enough to share now.

I originally hoped to paint the ceiling a nice, bright white but the painters informed me that it would quickly turn orange with the rust of the metal beams and the tannins in the wood so we decided to go with the low maintenance black.

I was afraid it would make the space really dark but I really love how it turned out.  Again, anything is better than the way it was before.

Here are a few more shots of the basement with primer.

The contractor comes back Thursday to finish up the woodwork, trim and stairs so I'm going to try and get the basement painted by then but it's a busy week for me so we'll see if that actually happens.  I've decided to paint the entire space Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore.

Once the paint and woodwork are complete - finger crossed - this week, the carpet should be installed next week!  Almost done and ready for the big reveal!

January 14, 2014

Shared Toddler & Baby Nursery

This isn't just any shared toddler & baby room though, it is a mixed gender shared space.  Since finding out we were expecting a baby boy I have been struggling with how to make Ella's nursery work for her and her baby brother.  

Here is how Ella's room looks now:

We always had the thought that while in this house, our first two children would have to share a room.  Our third bedroom is on the first floor and directly off our foyer so I really don't feel comfortable having Ella down there alone.  Fortunately, we had the foresight to keep the base of the nursery neutral in grey.

Once the basement is finished the armoire and bookshelf will move to the basement and Ella's big girl bed will move to that space under the window.  Everything else I am thinking will stay where it is that way Ella has her area and her little brother his area.

The coral pillows and accents will move to Ella's bed area and a new color will move to accent baby brother's space.  The only issue with this so far are the coral curtains - which I made and don't feel like doing again.  Nor do I think I will have the time.  Sorry baby boy!

Here is the scheme I am thinking of for them both.

Overall the room would be a mix of grey, coral and navy.  The turquoise pieces of furniture will either be painted or moved to the basement.  

I hope we can give both kids their own unique and cozy spaces while also creating a unified space.
Can't wait to get started!

January 9, 2014

Basement Remodel: Drywall

We are slowly making progress on the basement.  It is hard to remodel over the holidays but now that we are into 2014 I am hoping we can move a little quicker.  I talk as if Brandon and I are the ones physically remodeling this basement, which we are definitely not.  I feel somewhat guilty about that with all the talented DIY bloggers out there but I am extremely thankful because it would be a disaster if it was up to us.  It is better to say the contractors finished the framing and drywalling over the holidays.  Since or ceilings are so low we found out we can't drywall the ceiling.  Instead we are painting it white.   Which is the next step.  We are working on getting painters in there to spray our ceiling (and budget allowing maybe even the walls.)  After that is complete we can finish the woodwork, baseboards, doors, railings etc. and then finally the carpet will be installed.  We just ordered the carpet which will be ready for install in two weeks and I am hopeful we can have everything completed by then.  But we all know what really happens to budget and timing with remodels…. 

Here is a visual update on the progress.  I hope it is easier to get a grasp for the space in these photos.

The above is the view as you come down the stairs and look to the left.  Again, we will place an entertainment center along the right wall in the nook.  We are contemplating the idea of nice built-ins instead of a piece of furniture.  It will all come down to budget.  I know I have mentioned it before but we are really trying to be careful and keep the cost way down.  So while we are pricing out the investment of built-ins, Ikea may just be the answer.  

This is the view as you look more left. 

And even more left.  (These directional comments are terrible - I am so sorry).  Here is the far wall opposite the entertainment center.  I am hoping to have cabinets for storage with a butcher block counter and shelves above.  My hope is this area will be a shared space for some toys along with some of my crafts.  The door on the far left will be a pretty large closet!  The things you get excited about once you are a homeowner and mom.  Storage!

Here is a view of the stairs, closet and the door on the far right will be the bathroom.

Again the stairs, door to storage and laundry and then a little extra book shelf nook which you can hardly see in this photo.

Here is a better view of the nook.  The open plumbing and installation you see will be closed off with a panel of some sort.

And now we have come full circle with another view of the entertainment wall.

I cannot wait to see this space finished with paint, carpet and furniture.

January 7, 2014

Feeling A Little Blue

We're feeling a little blue these days but in the best possible way.

We just found out Ella is going to have a baby brother and we are so excited for her and our family.  What a perfect little blessing.

To celebrate on this extremely frigid day, Ella and I threw a "blue party".

We started the day with lots of fun balloons and streamers because it's not a party without them.

Then we enjoyed yummy blueberry smoothies for breakfast with blue mustache straws.  This was Ella's first time having a smoothie and she cried when she finished it.  She would not let go of that empty cup.

And that just wasn't enough blueberry for us because then we needed a little snack - a cup of blueberries.  It's a good thing Ella loves blueberries.  It was about the only blue snack in our house.


And then we finished the feast with blue cupcakes.  I think we are getting ourselves in trouble because now Ella always thinks it is her birthday.  And that is is ALWAYS about her.

And of course she ate the blueberries first.

And then she went for it.

And we wrapped up the party with a blue bath tub soak.
Well it was supposed to be a blue bath tub but the pack of glow sticks I bought only came with 3 blue ones.  I wasn't thinking.  So then we threw them all in and had a fun glowing bath.

It was such a fun day with Ella and I am so blessed to have such a fun, energetic and easy going little girl that is always willing to deal with all my crazy ideas.  She is going to be an amazing big sister.  I can't wait.  I also feel so blessed to be adding another child to our family and that it will be a boy.  So many wonderful days ahead.
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