January 7, 2014

Feeling A Little Blue

We're feeling a little blue these days but in the best possible way.

We just found out Ella is going to have a baby brother and we are so excited for her and our family.  What a perfect little blessing.

To celebrate on this extremely frigid day, Ella and I threw a "blue party".

We started the day with lots of fun balloons and streamers because it's not a party without them.

Then we enjoyed yummy blueberry smoothies for breakfast with blue mustache straws.  This was Ella's first time having a smoothie and she cried when she finished it.  She would not let go of that empty cup.

And that just wasn't enough blueberry for us because then we needed a little snack - a cup of blueberries.  It's a good thing Ella loves blueberries.  It was about the only blue snack in our house.


And then we finished the feast with blue cupcakes.  I think we are getting ourselves in trouble because now Ella always thinks it is her birthday.  And that is is ALWAYS about her.

And of course she ate the blueberries first.

And then she went for it.

And we wrapped up the party with a blue bath tub soak.
Well it was supposed to be a blue bath tub but the pack of glow sticks I bought only came with 3 blue ones.  I wasn't thinking.  So then we threw them all in and had a fun glowing bath.

It was such a fun day with Ella and I am so blessed to have such a fun, energetic and easy going little girl that is always willing to deal with all my crazy ideas.  She is going to be an amazing big sister.  I can't wait.  I also feel so blessed to be adding another child to our family and that it will be a boy.  So many wonderful days ahead.

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Ashley.Renee.Redelman said...

So fun Jess! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

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