January 21, 2014

Baby #2: 20 weeks

I know I've already made the announcement that we are expecting a baby boy (you can view the post here) but now I am finally getting around to sharing the bump update.

We actually almost didn't find out what we were having….baby boy was very uncooperative with his legs crossed for most of the ultrasound.  Fortunately we had a very kind ultrasound tech who gave us some extra time to try and get him moving…which he did for a quick shot of the goods.

We also found out that baby boy has a two vessel umbilical cord instead of the typical three.  I never knew anything about this but apparently umbilical cords typically have three vessels, one vein (which carries oxygen and nutrients from you to the baby) and two arteries (which shuttle that waste back to you, to be processed and disposed by your kidneys).  In this case the cord has one of each - which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it just means we need to make sure baby boy is getting all the nutrients he needs.  Because of this I am no categorized as "high risk" which is really just a precaution but it means that I get frequent little peeks of the guy as we watch his growth - which so far is great.  He tracking to be a big boy!

We also got the unexpected surprise of a 3D ultrasound.  I still am not sure how I feel about these, sometimes they can be a bit creepy but I must say that it is pretty amazing to watch your baby move in these ultrasounds.  Here is a peek.

There is something so strange about it but I love the one of his little hand and thumb.  That one doesn't creep me out as much.  Can't wait to meet him.


Jenny said...

My daughter had a 2 vessel cord. I'd never heard of it either. She also ended up with IUGR, which they think was related. It was scary, but she turned out just fine. My perinatologist had me take mega amounts of folic acid also baby aspirin to thin my blood a little bit to get it flowing through the cord. And the biggest thing was PROTEIN. Massive amounts. More than I could eat in food. He recommended BioPlex Pure WPI whey protein powder. I liked it in smoothies & would recommend it if you find yourself needing to go that route.
I hope that your little guys cord just ends up meaning you get lots of opportunities to see him via ultrasound! The ones where they listen to the different sounds all the blood vessels make are pretty cool. :)

Unknown said...

Jenny, thanks for sharing. First, I am so thankful your daughter is healthy and everyone is doing well. Second, what is IUGR? I've never heard of it. I too hope nothing comes of the cord but thank you for your advice!! It is helpful hearing from other mommas who have been through it before!

Ashley.Renee.Redelman said...

Beautiful mama :) and those 3D shots are amazing!

Natalie said...

hopefully the 'high risk' thing turns out to be nothing but an excuse for extra ultrasounds :)

you look fantastic!

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