June 11, 2010

So Sorry!

I am a terrible blogger - I admit it.  However, I do come with excuses for not posting anything for a full week.  As I mentioned earlier, last weekend was my sister's and brother-in-law's high school graduations.  We also had a graduation party for my sister on Sunday and tonight is my brother-in-law's grad party.  I don't think Bran or I have spent a full night at home yet.  There has been a lot of prep work involved.  I, for one, was responsible for making their sweet slideshow videos.  With all this celebrating around here I have neglected this dear blog.  No worries though, I have some fun house plans for this weekend that I will post about very soon! 
In the meantime, please accept these pictures of our pest of a dog, Lola.

While sitting at the dining room table eating dinner, we saw this through the window.  
So that is who has been eating all our strawberries.

We have not had the opportunity to enjoy one strawberry, and I even put them up high so our dogs wouldn't get them.  

When I offered it to her, she wouldn't take it.  She knew she wasn't suppose to have it.


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