June 30, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Oh what to do this weekend for the 4th?!?  I usually like to plan some sort of BBQ and we are thinking a Minute to Win It theme could be really fun but I cannot motivate myself to plan it and now it is Wednesday and I think it is too late to get on people's calendars.

Of course we will take the pups and meet our families in our quaint little downtown for the parade - I still love the parade.  We also will head over to the next town over to watch the fireworks over the small lake.  They have the best fireworks.  I think the 4th is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it falls during summer.  I cannot wait until we have kids and can re-experience the wonder of the the 4th.  I have to say it has lost some of it's mystery and excitement for the moment.  Nonetheless I always look forward to it.

Last year we had a lovely 4th, despite the rain and nasty weather.

We went up to the lake on the 3rd and swam and well tried to swim.

Can a dog be a boat dog without being a water dog?

After our day on the lake we stopped by the parade to meet both our families.

It was rainy but we all had a good time letting our inner children out!

So now the question is,
what will this weekend have in store for us - it probably will be pretty crazy since Lola will be with us.

Speaking of Lola - she will be 1 this 4th of July.  
Just another reason to love the day.

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