June 21, 2010

when you were small

So I know this isn't my typical type of post but I have something to share.  
I am a young, twenty-something married woman with no children and I am completely gaga over - children's literature.  
Yes, kiddie books.  Rhyming stories with fanciful illustrations and sweet, simple sentiments - they make me go weak in the knees.
I am sure we all have that one book we made our parents and babysitters read to us over and over and each time it never lost its wonder and excitement.  A book that renders memories of wet hair, clean teeth, cozy pajamas and a warm lap and strong arms.  That book we refused to get rid of, even though our rooms turned lime green and were filled with pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (NOTE: This is in no way a representation of my  tween years.  This is a generalized statement assumed from observations of "my friends").

"When You Were Small" by Sara O'Leary and illustrations by Julie Morstad is just one those books.  I wish I had discovered this book as a child.  It is absolutely delightful!  I am making it my mission to make this book a favorite of each and every one of you.  
GO.  Check it out.  Buy it.  Read it.  And then read it again.

Check it out at Land of Nod.  They have a wonderful book selection and free shipping!

I wish we could have a virtual reading date.  We could get all cozy with a drink of your choice (mine would be a dark cherry hot chocolate) and I could read you this book and you could bring some of your favorites to share.  

Since I can't read this book to you can I give you a little preview?  I hope that isn't illegal. Someone smarter than me please tell me if sharing some pics of this book is breaking some major copyright laws.

In the meantime, prepare to fall in love....

I cannot share anymore.  You must head to the library or a bookstore and sit and read it from start to finish. It is just so precious and cute. 

So tell me....what is your favorite children's book?  
What book did you grow up on?  What book do you always read to your children or babysitting kids?

Share with us!!

1 comment:

Sara O'Leary said...

Hi Jessica ~ I just stumbled across this post and wanted to thank you for all your kind words. I love the idea of the book finding a place in the world with readers like you.
And - if you'll indulge me - I'd like to share an old link of my young son reading the book aloud shortly after it came out.
Julie Morstad is working on the illos for the third book in the series and we hope to have it by next year sometime.
all the best,

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