September 12, 2016

NEW PATTERN - Lacey Eyelet Baby Bonnet

There's a new pattern in the shop and I think it is my favorite one!  The Lacey Eyelet Baby Bonnet is a sweet, simple bonnet more decorative than practical.  Perfect for those newborn photos and introductions.  Or for those warm weather babies who don't need a hat but look so darn cute in one.  Either way, I can't wait for our own little one to arrive and start modeling it.  


Each pregnancy brings on a new knitting frenzy and a whole bunch of new hats and patterns.  So enjoy the first of many new patterns coming this fall and be sure to check out some of the others.  Like this sweet bonnet perfect for keeping little ears warm as the weather cools.

August 15, 2016

Nursery Sneak Peek - work in progres

Did I mention we are expecting baby #3?  I am so out of the blogging rhythm I have no idea if I ever formally shared this news.  Well baby #3 will be joining us this fall, right around Halloween but hopefully not on Halloween.  We decided not to find out the gender this time around which has made decorating a nursery a little different for me but in a fun and refreshing way.  If you know anything about me, it's that I'm kind of afraid of color.  Just a plain jane, black and white girl.  Fortunately for me that happens to be kind of "IN" right now.  So why not have a black and white nursery?!

In fact the idea came from a blanket I knit for the baby.  It's a favorite and definite starting point for the nursery.

The room is far from done and these are photos from my phone (no editing and poor lighting - thus the yellow tone) but with all the craziness happening with the house and clean up, I wanted to share something that wasn't torn up and showed some actual progress.  Plus, I really like how it is turning out and I am so excited to finish it and bring our little one home to this room.

I painted the walls white and the trim black which was a tedious and terrible process I will share with you more in depth another time but I am really happy how it turned out.  The first few brush strokes of black terrified me and I almost regretted it but I am so glad I continued.  I also painted the dresser and crib in the same black which was also tedious but worth it.  And bonus, saved a TON of money.  This nursery, like all rooms in our home, are all low budget productions filled with DIY projects. And I will share all about them here eventually.  Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes.

Next up on the TO DO list is hanging the curtains (black), more wall art, finding/sewing a pillow for the chair, and finishing the crib and bedding.  And hopefully all that will happen before this little one arrives - still have some time.

August 14, 2016

Unexpected House Update

Something happened last week.  Something bad.  Something I am not proud of and in fact am quite sick about because well, I may have caused it.  Ok, I DID cause it.  I flooded my house.  There I said it.  I. Flooded. My. House.

That was a lot of photos to show you a lot of damage.  Now before you judge my stupidity to harshly let me first say "pregnancy brain" is a real thing on top of "mom brain" and "vacation prep brain".  Also, in the clean up process a significant amount of black mold was discovered which contributed to the destruction.  So in some ways, maybe it was kind of okay that I flooded house?!?  Truthfully, I am done playing with the "what ifs".  It happened and now it is time to clean up and move forward.  So hopefully in the coming weeks I will have some updates with photos of what we're doing to replace or maybe even upgrade these spaces.  And someday I will share with you the rest of the house that wasn't affected, especially the new nursery that I have been working hard on.  It's my favorite and quite a transformation.

June 13, 2016

Back At It With A New House

To blog or not to blog that has been the question.  And clearly the answer has been not to blog; I just haven't had the time or motivation/inspiration to blog but with a new house and another baby on the way I guess it's time for a little update.  Plus more and more of you have been asking to see the new digs so no better time than the present.

This past fall we sold our precious Cherry St Cottage.  As ready as I was for more space and a fresh start, I was pretty heartbroken to say goodbye to that tiny house.  It had it's faults and was beginning to give me a few headaches (mostly related to living in it with kids) but it was our first home.  It was where we first came home as husband and wife.  We put lots of sweat equity into that home, making  many, many mistakes along the way.  We were such young, naive idiots.  Hah.  But it taught us a lot and turned into such a cozy little place for our growing family of four.  Looking back I would do many things differently when it came to decorating and styling the home but that's what this new home is for - a chance to do it all again from the beginning.

Speaking of the beginning.  We closed on the new home in mid-December, right before Christmas - eek - and haven't really done much except unpack the boxes and dream of all this home's potential.  Before I get into what we want it to become, let me share what it looked like on closing day.  Now mind you these are straight from my phone - no editing.  Poor lighting or not you'll get the general idea.




Family Room

Laundry Room & Guest Bathroom

Upstairs Hall & Master Bed/Bath

Bedroom #1 (Ella's Room)

(P.S. She is literally peeing on the floor in this photo.  Talk about marking your territory. Oy.)

Bedroom #2 & #3 

Hall Bathroom

For some reason I didn't take photos of the basement or backyard - boo.  So here are some photos of the basement from our inspection when the previous owners were living there.

And a crappy backyard photo taken through the window, which is really a shame since the backyard is what completely sold us on this home.  It is relatively huge compared to most in our town and the perfect space for playing and relaxing.

So there is a little tease of our home for those who have been asking.  I will be back (promise) to share what it looks like now and what we hope to do with it in the future because I have ideas, lots of ideas.  This time around though we want to take it slow an do it right the first time.  For us that means living in this home awhile, seeing what works and what doesn't and most importantly saving up the financial resources we need so we can actually make the updates we are dreaming of.  And can I just say that I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  It wasn't around for most of our first home and so we went in struggling with inspiration and a cohesive vision and I love being able to explore my own likes and dislikes through the images on Pinterest.  I am going in with a pretty good idea of the "style and feel" I want to create in this home but at the same time it is a slippery slope of being over exposed to big, expensive and in my case pretty unrealistic spaces.  It's easy to get caught up in the updating and transforming - at least for me.  So while I invite you to stick around and see what we make of this home, I caution you that it won't be Pinterest eye-candy.  Just an every day, midwestern, hopefully cozy and inviting space that isn't too hard on the eyes.  Either way, before and afters are always fun!

Be back soon.....

October 8, 2015

Gnome Mosaic Baby Bonnet

Oh I still have a blog?
Sorry for the VERY long absence.  I could blame a million different things like life with two under two (although that just changed as my oldest just turned 3) but the truth is I think I was just running out of steam and things to say.   And if I am being completely honest, for the most part, I didn't miss blogging.   It was a nice break but there are some fun things in our future and I feel my creative side stirring and I am ready and excited to share what's ahead.

First on the list, a new baby hat pattern.  It's been a fun summer but I've spent a good portion of it in the car traveling so I've had some time to knit and work on new things.  The first is this super cute gnome mosaic baby hat.  I learned about mosaic knitting this summer and I'm hooked.  Done are my days of stranding and intarsia.....this is the way to do fun patterns and colors.  It looks hard but it is really so easy.  All you need to know is how to knit, purl and slip stitch.  Really, that's it!

This is my new favorite baby hat.  A classic bonnet with a modern twist.

You can find it at my Etsy Shop: Little + Lovely Knits

Thanks to my very adorable baby model Adley, who also happens to be my niece!

February 22, 2015

Two Ingredient Fruit Roll-Ups

This girl loves her sugar.  (I have no idea where she gets it.)
I am always looking for ways I can give her some sweetness without the intense sugar high.  So when I came across a two ingredient fruit roll-up recipe on my aunt's feed I had to try it - immediately.  Seriously, I grabbed Ella and we got right down to making some fruit roll-ups.  

All you need are two ingredients.  

Fruit & Honey (or some other sweetener)

We used strawberries and blueberries with a tablespoon of agave nectar sweetener.  Tossed it in the blender till it was a nice puree and then poured it out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  FYI - the parchment paper is kind of necessary.  Set the oven for 225 degrees and bake for 3 hours.  
Yes, 3 HOURS.

One nap and one outfit change later we were enjoying our fruit roll-ups. 

Leaving it on the parchment paper, cut them into strips and roll them up to enjoy now or later.

We chose now.

(Ella has started a new fashion statement - underwear as outerwear.  Yes, she does wear this out of the house.)

The official review:  great flavor but we need to master the texture.  I've heard these referred to as fruit leathers and it makes sense.  These were a tad tough nothing too bad.  Next time I will pour the mixture a little thicker and more even.  Or if I can't get the mixture to pour thicker, I will bake it a little less.  I'm not sure this will be a common go-to snack for us.  They were yummy and a fun change but I have no issue getting Ella to eat fresh fruit so I probably won't go through the effort (although small) to make these very often.

Bottom line:  Fun, tasty and super easy but not a new obsession.  
We will definitely make them again though.  

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