October 7, 2016

House Update: Things are finally moving

Things are finally moving on the Wakeman Reno and I'm feeling hopeful that we may just get in by the time this baby arrives, which is November 3rd for anyone who cares.  It may not look like much to you since it is just framing but things are starting to move fast.

Here is the new entrance in the garage.  We bumped out into the garage a few feet to get better flow in and out of the new laundry/mudroom. 

When you enter the house from the garage you can now either enter straight into the kitchen area or you can turn left into the laundry/mudroom.  We are installing a sliding barn door there so that it can remain open most of the time for easy access with little kids and all their stuff but when I am actually doing laundry I can shut the door and not hear the machines going.  I hope it is as practical and functional as I imagine.  Below is looking into the house from the garage entrance with the laundry/mudroom opening on the left and the newly opened up kitchen area straight ahead.

The new laundry/mudroom will be one long space with the washer/dryer, upper and lower cabinets and a sink going in along the left wall where the studs are now and hooks and lockers along the right wall (not pictured).  I can't wait to see this room come together and have a space for laundry, storage and kid's coats, shoes etc.  Of course, the clean, organized, beautiful space I am envisioning won't last long and it will probably become a total dumping ground and I will want to have the barn door shut all the time to hide the dirty laundry piling up, the stinky shoes thrown about and the coats falling of the hooks and smashed in corners because well that's what our life really looks like haha.  But for a  day, maybe a week, it should be beautiful!

Did I mention that I took over more than half of Bran's office for this laundry/mudroom?  He so generously gave up his giant office so that we could re-locate the laundry room from the middle of the kitchen and family room and open up that space.  I think we made the right decision.  He still has an office, while not spacious, it is enough for a desk, chair and bookshelf.  He also gets to keep his big, bay window which makes it feel more spacious.  But the best part of re-locating the laundry room and the reason why I know we made the right choice is in these two photos below......


So much more space and light.
Hardwood is going in throughout these two spaces, the walls and built-ins are getting painted a light, fresh color and I am getting a big pantry and butler's pantry on the wall to the right.  It isn't fully framed out but a pantry is going in on the left and then upper and lower cabinets are going in on the right for a little "butler's pantry".  The cabinets won't match the rest of the kitchen since nothing in there is changing but hopefully it will be different enough where it looks like it's own thing.  But most importantly I will have SO much more storage which is definitely my top priority in all of these changes.

So much happening and I am not even mentioning all the work coming along in the basement.  Since not much is changing down there it is a little more boring but the drywall is up, new ceiling tiles being installed and soon there will be a fresh coat of paint and new cabinets in the bar area and new built-ins for the entertainment area but other than that not much else is changing.  The cabinets are the last thing to be installed so I won't do a basement update until the very end - most likely.

So there you have it - PROGRESS!  Which makes me happy and hopeful.  Can't wait to move back into our home!  We miss it!

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