July 31, 2012

DIY: Bibs & Burp Cloths (and a great pillow tutorial too)

My husband and the pups headed out to the lake this weekend leaving me an empty house and lots of time.  I took the opportunity to tackle some sewing projects on my list - specifically the roman shades for the nursery.  Since the sewing machine has been collecting dust lately I thought it best to warm up on some practice projects - bibs and burp cloths.  Once I started on those I just couldn't stop.  I still have yet to start the roman shades.

They were actually so easy to make.  They are a great beginner sewing project and perfect for scrap fabric.

For the bib I used the Purlbee's Liberty Bib pattern.

I used several different fabrics that I had laying around.  Cotton for the front and then either a terry cloth, fleece or soft blanket material for the backing.

Once I cut out the pattern I laid my fabric with the right sides facing each other and then folded the fabric in half.  I also folded the pattern in half and laid it on the fabric with the folded sides facing eachother.  I traced the pattern with chalk leaving enough of an allowance for a nice seam.  Oh and note in the middle picture that before tracing I did pin my fabrics together so they didn't move as I traced and cut out the pattern.

Once the bib is cut out unfold it, repin along the edges and sew all around making sure to leave at least a 2 inch gap for pulling your bib right side out.

Once the bib is right side out, sew along the edge again making sure to sew the gap closed.

Add a snap or some velcro to the neck and you are done!

 The burp cloths are even easier.  I just cut the same cotton fabric and the same backings and sewed them the same way I did the bib but in varying sizes.

I actually am excited for my baby to drool and spit up so I can use these adorable burp cloths. 

My last quick project before tackling the roman shades was a pillow for the glider in the nursery using the same fabric as the roman shades.

I love how this fabric looks in the room.  I think the roman shades will be perfect in there.
I have tackled pillows before using a zipper but this time around I decided to follow the tutorial from Jenny Steffens Hobick blog.
I will never make a pillow any other way.  It literally took me minutes to put this pillow case together!  I'm already looking for fabric to recover every pillow in my house.

Here is a view of the back of the pillow.  You can kind of see the slit where the pillow slips in. 

I hope you give some of these projects a try.  Especially if you are new to sewing and looking for some easy projects to practice.

I will be back soon with some updates on the roman shades.


Alexis said...

My nephew is going to be born anytime now and I've been looking for some project ideas. this looks like a really simple thing I could do and easy to ship! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Love the pillow, I just made some pillows and posted them on my blog. Would love your feedback if you are interested.

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