October 3, 2010

keepin' the blooms coming all winter long

Summer is over but you don't have to say goodbye to the blooms just yet.  With a little fabric, thread and creativity you can bring the flowers inside.  

My new obsession lately has been messing around with fabric and ribbon flowers.  Now I am no expert and definitely have just been inventing my own way of creating these flowers but that is the fun part.  There is no right or wrong way and there are so many different styles.

I started using these flowers as pins for my baby hats, which I love, but why stop there? 

Why not create mini bouquets for home decoration, weddings, showers, table decor....

To create this I simply covered a foam half circle in moss with a hot glue gun, placed it on top of a pretty pot and then pinned the flowers in place so I can switch them out for an easy update.

Why stop there?  Why not use them as magnets for the fridge?

Or push pins?

Decorate a frame.

Or adorn your hair by attaching them to a clip or headband.  I am going to work on creating a wreath or decorating a new lampshade.  
The ideas are endless.  

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Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Dear Jessica,

Just to let you know that you've been tagged...by me!! Feel free to join in or not. It's TOTALLY up to you. Details are on my current post.

I love the idea of the push pins. Gorgeous.


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