October 21, 2010

kitchen update

It has been awhile since I gave a kitchen remodel update so I thought I would quickly fill you all in - assuming you care.  I was really thinking that we would be bustin' out cabinets and tile floors by now but unfortunately life does not conform to my daydreaming - but if it would, imagine the things I could accomplish?!?  Am I the only one that simplifies ideas and plans in my head?  It is a deadly disease for someone who dreams big and has the stupidity to attempt those dreams and then ends up having to run away.  I will not run away.  Nor am I going to be the one who will pour all my blood, sweat, and tears into this kitchen.  Apparently, my father-in-law will be!  He has been applying for the assistant contractor job these past weeks and I just heard from our "head" contractor that he got the job.  His first day is November 1st.  I have full confidence in their cabinet kicking, hammer smashing, power tool wielding skills.  I only wish I could join them, just a little bit.  That is part of the fun - working hard, accomplishing the thing you will enjoy for a long time - it's a rewarding feeling.  Maybe they will let me step-in on my lunch breaks.  Maybe.

So in case you didn't catch it earlier - the kitchen remodel will officially commence on
November 1st.
 Which I think is a pretty great day to start.  A nice, fresh monday, right after Halloween and of course my dear friend Kara's birthday.  It seems fitting too since Kara is a star in the kitchen and will help me inaugurate the kitchen when it is finished.  She also accompanied me on many an Ikea trip for the planning stages of the kitchen.

So this weekend Bran and I will be busy picking up the last of the items we need.  Like all of them.  We have the tile ordered and it is in the warehouse so we need to pick that up.  The cabinets have been designed and are ready to order but apparently Ikea knows how to provide so they are ready same day so we will pick those up as well.  And then there is the small task of going to the stone yard and picking out the granite!!  I am beyond ecstatic to pick out the granite.  I will definitely be bringing the camera along and posting all about the yummy slabs!  Oh and last but not least we just got the most amazing news EVER.  We are getting a gas stovetop.  This home is purely an electrical home - no gas whatsoever.....the previous owners felt that it was safer to convert to electric everything.  And Nicor told us that it would be no problem (and FREE) to convert back to gas.  So we are appliance hunting this weekend too.

There is much to do between now and November 1st but I will not be a stranger during it - hopefully.  And you can bet your little bottom you will be getting full updates through the messy tear-down to the full finished project.  So stay tuned.  I promise pictures - lots and lots of picture - because what good is a blog without pictures?!  So to appease your need here are just few random ones.

Granite contender - Bianca Romano

I love the open shelf concept.  Am I daring enough to tackle it?
Oh the cookbooks and mugs.  I wish I was.
Oh but these are similar to the cabinets we chose and we are doing the white subway backsplash.

Granite contender #2 - Bianco Antico


oh second thoughts now - I really like this tile for the backsplash?!

I am using yellow to make the white, grey, and slightly black kitchen pop so I really want to make these for the windows......I love this fabric with the grey scalloped edging.

Thanks for visiting!!


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Cant wait to see the reveal!!! Hugs,Rachel ;)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love your ideas, Jessica.

Have you thought of having open shelving just in one bit?

That's what we have now and I LOVE it!

I can put all my favourite bits out.

As long as they're things you use often, it doesn't need too much cleaning.....which was my main worry!!

Can't wait to see what you do!

The Smith Family said...

Yay! November 1st, the perfect day to start! It is so close....cannot wait! I love the unique tiled backsplash above, are you thinking about switching? Also that yellow and white striped curtain, Y-U-M-M-Y! I LOVE IT! You could totally make that. Yikes, well this means I better get started on my inaugural meal plan then huh?

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