October 27, 2010

change in plans

I am so so sad.  It definitely isn't the end of the world but our contractor just called and pushed back the start date on the kitchen.  The original start date was next Monday, November 1st.  Now it has been pushed back a whole week to Monday, November 8th.  I truly hope this does not keep getting pushed back.  I would love to have the kitchen finished by Thanksgiving.  I fear that if it keeps getting bumped back we will stretch into December and prime holiday baking.  Enough whining though.  I'm very thankful I even get a new kitchen.  It will be very worth it in the end.

No matter the start date we are ready.  This past weekend we spent our entire Sunday (and Bran's only day off) at Ikea.  It definitely is not what Bran wanted to do after 6 very long and grueling days of work but he is a good husband so after church we trekked out to the big blue box.  It was a nuthouse as usual.  I really do not love Ikea on the weekends - I actually quite hate it.  So after hours in the kitchen department, a few more waiting for the cabinets to be pulled and packaged we found ourselves here.

Five full carts filled with boxes

Needing to fit in here

 And here

View from my seat looking back - I had to hold this wood all the way home

 So after loading the truck up, we had to unload it all and carry it to the basement

Fortunately that is where our work ends and the contractor's starts.  So glad I do not have to assemble these.


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Hang in there Jessica!!! ;) Im sure it will be so worth the wait!! Cant wait to see how amazing it will be~*~HUGS~*~ Rachel

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I've had this SO many times. That one week seems to take AAAAAGES, doesn't it?

But I bet when it's all up, you'll hardly remember this waiting agony.


Unknown said...

Thanks ladies! I know you are right.

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