March 12, 2013

Easy, no-sew, 5 minute headbands

It's time to say hello to spring and goodbye to winter and that means saying goodbye to all Ella's knit hats and hello to cute headbands.  Ella is really excited about that.

And fortunately for me it is a lot easier (and faster and cheaper) to make a headband than a hat.  So fast and easy that a busy mom can make one in 5 minutes in the nursery while their baby plays and I can prove it.

Jersey fabric (scrap fabric or old t-shirts)

I made my headband to fit a 6-12 month head, about 16" circumference.  I cut a strip of fabric that measures 18"x4".  Here is a chart to help you with your desired dimensions:

Newborn: 14" (16x4)
3-6 mos.: 15" (17x4)
6-12 mos.: 16" (18x4)
1-3 yrs.: 18" (20x4)
3-10 yrs.: 20" (22x4)
Adult: 22" (24x4)

I made this on Ella's bookcase while she happily played.  And because I said this was easy I did not iron the fabric and I made sloppy, crooked cuts.  It doesn't matter.  

Fold the fabric in half hot dog style.  (Like that elementary school reference?)

Then cut the corners off making a soft curve.  Make sure the folded corner is the point.

Then knot it to make the headband.

You can wear it with a thick band or with it folded in.  
I prefer it folded in - at least on Ella.

See told you.  Easy, fast and cheap (perhaps free).
And best of all - super cute!

Check out my bow tutorial and fabric flower tutorial to make other types of headbands like these.


MrsLissiJ said...

Love these! Think I will have to try these out this weekend. Will let you know how mine turn out and post your link on my blog! Thank you so much for this fab idea!

Ashley.Renee.Redelman said...

Love that you jump into any craft and do them so well!

Unknown said...

I may jump into any craft but most of them fail. I only post the ones that work :)

Mack Jones said...

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