July 18, 2012

my pregnancy must-haves

I'm 30 weeks into this pregnancy and while I am sure I have not experienced all that pregnancy will have to throw at me, I have acquired a nice list of "must-haves" that have helped me get through to this point.  I realize that we all have different pregnancies and preferences so what I love you may hate but here is what has worked for me.

The Belli Skincare line for mommy & baby.  A totally safe line of skincare products for all stages through labor, post-delivery and even for baby.  My favorites are the Fresh Start Pre Treatment Scrub, Elasticity Belly Oil and All Day Moisture Body Lotion.  I have super sensitive, reactive skin and all the products I have tried have been truly soothing and effective.  I'm a user for life.  I also recommend buying it at dermstore.com.  Free shipping!

EOS Lip Balm for those dry, chapped lips.  I think I love these mostly because they are so adorable but they really do leave my lips moisturized for a long time.  So many other brands seem to dry my lips out more in the long run rather than moisturize.

Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt (Raspberry Fudge Chunk) for all my summer ice cream cravings.  What would a summer pregnancy be without those two great men Ben and Jerry?  I could eat one of these a night - easy.  I don't - but I could and if this heat continues I just may reach the point where I do.

Vic's Popcorn is my go-to snack for something a little healthier.  The lite white popcorn is so yummy with just the perfect amount of saltiness but totally guilt-free.  I do believe they recommend that pregger ladies snack on popcorn....at least I read that somewhere and have totally held on to it.  Sometimes when I need to indulge a little more I get the white cheddar.  Oh it is so good!  And the best thing about munching on popcorn is it makes you thirsty so I drink WAY more water.  Which leads me to my next must-have.

Lifefactory Water Bottle for staying well hydrated, especially on the go.  These are glass bottles that are easy to clean and maintain (machine-washable baby).  I love the rubber sleeve that makes it easy to hold and protects it from falls.  Most of all they are just so pretty.  They also make the best baby bottles.  I can't wait for baby k to use those.

Maxi Skirt to stay cool yet still feel totally cute and stylish as the bump grows.  Unfortunately I found this on Jcrew's website this morning and it is already sold out and totally off the site.  Crazy.  I love the maxi skirts because they are easy, most have elastic bands, I know I can wear them post baby and I think they are so adorable.  I also love maxi dresses but I think the skirt is much more flattering on me - personally.

Gap Pure Body Tanks are my go to top right now.  They are so soft and comfy and look great with maxi skirts.  They fit my body (and bump) well and are nice and long.  I wear these ALL the time and have noticed that they wash and wear really well.  They are not fading, stretching or looking worn out. The pure body short sleeve shirts are just as amazing too.

Gap Pure Body Pullover and Racerback Bras I live in right now.  The summer heat means less clothing and more skin and for a pregger lady with an ever expanding chest that is not always a good combo.  Instead of wearing a tank under lower cut dresses or tops I throw one of these on and feel covered up, cool and cute.  They are t-shirt material and breathable so super comfortable to top it all off.  They need to make these into breastfeeding bras for me.

So there you have it, some of my pregnancy must-haves.  Although as I look back through this list anyone could enjoy any of these.  Not just the preggers.  Maybe you'll find something new to try.

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