July 24, 2012

New Pumpkin Baby Hat Pattern on Etsy

I have been knitting like crazy for Baby K.  I just can't stop.  I have been knitting for everyone else's babies for so long, it is so fun to finally be knitting for my own sweet little girl.  So far it has been mostly hats.  I think she will have a hat for each hour of the day for the first year of her life.  Good thing she is due in the fall or she would totally roast.

I just finished knitting her a pumpkin hat for fall.  I can't wait to see it on her.  It will be perfect for when we take her to the pumpkin patch, apple picking and even for Halloween.

You can make the same hat for your little one too.  The Pumpkin Baby Hat is the newest pattern added to Sweet Pea Knits on Etsy.

It is a super easy and fast pattern and has so many uses.  Use red yarn instead of orange and make a strawberry or apple.  Use purple and make a little grape.  One pattern - so many different hats!

Here are some of the other hats that I've added to Baby K's closet.

For football season with daddy!

I love these colors!

I also love these colors.  Now I am working on one in navy and light pink.

A super soft and sweet hat for the hospital maybe.

And her Bears hat or she can support my alma mater and workplace.  But really it is for her couch time with daddy!

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