July 23, 2012

Instagram week 14

It's been a pretty eventful week but once again my phone remained in my purse for most of it.

I have a baby shower coming up in a few weeks and I was given the task of finding some baby photos for it.  I just had to share them.  The one on the right is Bran and the one in the towel is me.  I've been looking at those lately wondering what our little girl will look like.  Like her daddy?  Like her mommy?  Or will she have her own individual look?  I'm really curious if she will inherit the Keith lips.

The fabric for the nursery curtains finally arrived but I hated it so it was quickly returned in favor of the fabric hanging on the crib in the pic above.  The first print was just too small and too pink.  I'll be sharing all about the nursery, roman shades and all, when we get there.  

We babysat my parents dogs this weekend and had a little party in our backyard.  Jake, their Berner that is the same age as Lola kept escaping on car rides.  He has a lot of energy!

I finished my fabric storage.  More on that soon.  I made some Roasted Red Pepper Pesto - highly recommend trying it.  It is great over warm pasta.  The recipe is from my friend TheFauxMartha - check her out.

We also toured the hospital where we will be welcoming baby girl Keith in just 2 months.  It was great to see everything but it made it so real.  Just two months!

Lastly, I spent a lot of quality time with friends this weekend - even did some fun shopping!

Have a great week!

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