August 5, 2012

Baby K: week 32

We've broken into the 30's and are getting closer to meeting our little girl.  This has been a wonderful pregnancy but I am ready for her arrival.  Well almost ready.  We still need to finish her nursery, buy some essential baby gear and pick out a name but in all other ways I am ready to meet her.

Week: 32
Baby K: Baby K is the size of a large jicama weighing about 3 3/4 lbs. and measuring about 16.5 inches from head to heels.  She is developing fat now and her skin is no longer clear.  It is becoming very soft and smooth.  If she has any, the hair on her head is growing and even has some color.  She is now pretty much a full-formed baby that just needs to fatten up - along with some other essential things.   
Nausea:  None.
Swelling:  Yes.  It is different from day to day.  Some days none, some days I can't wear my shoes and my neck disappears.    
Aches and Pains:  She has found my sciatic nerve - oh joy!  The good thing though is that it only acts up when she is positioned on it and she isn't always on it.  But when she does find it there is intense pain. 
Cravings: Ice cream!  I don't know if it is the heat or the pregnancy.  (Now I'm wishing I had a bowl of ice cream in my lap instead of this laptop.)
Aversions:  Chicken.  This is new to me but I'm kind of not digging chicken too much.
Bump: Growing.  And growing, and growing.  I think I have one giant baby in there.
Movement: She is still very active.  I love just watching her move or feeling my bump for her various body parts.  I think I am getting better at distinguishing butt from head and heel from elbow.  It is also funny to see the different shapes my belly can form depending on where she is laying.  I think she favors my left side.  Oh and the hiccups.  Gotta love the hiccups.
Looking forward to:  My baby shower this weekend!!  
Missing the most: Bending over.  Painting my toes.  Tying my shoes.  Shaving my legs.
Pregnancy milestone hurdle: Picking out a baby name.


A.B. said...

precious. Makes me excited just looking at you! I love a pregnant lady!

Random question... do you write the weeks on the wall or is that a program you use? I know, trivial.

The name will come. It hast to at some point :)

Unknown said...

Thanks! You're so sweet. I do write directly on the wall with my big, fat kids chalk. It isn't anything fancy but it gets the job done. It can be hard to wash off. I pretty much have to power wash it off the wall.

Unknown said...

Such cute photos! I bet you are just so excited.

Love it if you could stop by this weekend and link up with the Weekend Blog Walk. I also have an Ad Giveaway going on that just started. Very low entries currently.

Jessica @ At Home Take 2

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