August 13, 2012

Instagram photo dump

I'm giving up the weekly update so every once in awhile I will just do a photo dump.  So here is my first photo dump.

Summer is definitely fading into fall and I couldn't be happier.  Not only does that mean we are closer to meeting our little girl but it means warm days and cool nights.  It means football season and lazy Sundays.  It means pumpkin picking and apple picking with lots of baking.  Oh and apple cider!

We are ending summer on a good note though.  The weather has been nice.  Even the few rainy days I haven't minded.  I took one cool, sunny day to plant all new fall pots and window boxes.  It looks like a different house.  Especially since the old ones had been dead for a long time.

I also had a very large baby shower.  It was so beautiful and nice.  We were so blessed by all our friends and family.  I just have to point out the beautiful and equally yummy cake pops Brandon's cousin Allison made for the shower.  You should check out her blog that showcases all her yummy treats!  I'l be sharing more about the shower soon.

That sums it up!  Now bring on fall....

1 comment:

Lily Bean said...

wowwie! you are very pregnant =)adorably pregnant of course
i love the pic of the dandelion and the one of your dog in the sun

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