December 10, 2012

Surviving a newborn

At a little over 2 months I think it is safe to say that we have made it through the newborn stage.  Our little Ella is growing fast and developing a personality all her own.  I love discovering bits and pieces of who this little person is.  Oh and the smiles.  Those big, gummy smiles and bright eyes.  Best. Thing. Ever.

Of course those smiles don't usually come until you have made it through those first few weeks and to help you get to those smiles I am sharing the essentials that helped me.

Gel Soothies - For those that breastfeed the ultimate and most used tool in our mommy bag is the boobie.  You have to take care of that precious piece of equipment and these soothies helped me with those toe curling, leg kicking, can't do it anymore first weeks.  Instant and long lasting relief.  Ahhhhh.  So glad those days are over.

Nursing Pads - Another great tool for the boobie or maybe more for your wardrobe and dignity is the nursing pad.  I felt like a leaky faucet those first few weeks but instead of sticking a bucket in my bra, I used these pads.  They are super soft and organic so they didn't irritate my sore nips and they are very absorbent so they can handle a lot of leakage.  Like crying baby type of waterworks....did you know that a crying baby opens up the boobie floodgates?  Any crying baby.  Well they do.  It's awkward.

Aveeno Face Wipes -  With the demands of a newborn to care for 24/7 there is little time to take care of you.  Not only does time run short but energy.  So when I finally was able to curl up in my warm bed the last thing I wanted to do was waste precious time washing off the days grime.  At the same time a little cleanliness also saved my sanity and made me feel human.  These started in my bathroom but soon came to rest on my nightstand.  I was that lazy.

Straws - You have to consume a lot of water those first few weeks.  These made it more fun which meant I drank more plus sipping out of a cup while breastfeeding is hard without a straw.

Wash Cloths/Burp Cloths -  Babies are messy.  I used these homemade burp cloths for EVERYTHING!  Breastfeeding, burping, baths, wiping gunk from the face, etc.  These were extremely easy to make and so much cuter than the typical white burp cloths.  It's a good thing I made so many because I use these all the time.

Swaddle Sleep Sacks -  The hospital gave us ours and it really helped Ella sleep and was easy for this brain-dead momma to operate.  The swaddle attachment comes on or off so when they aren't sleeping their hands can be free and you don't have to deal with a lot of extra fabric.  And bonus it grows with the baby.  Since newborns grow out of things so, so fast this can last for months and months without the swaddle and just as a sleep sack.  Ella loves it too.

Smartphone -  This may seem stupid but my phone saved me in so many ways.  It's a one hand wonder which is huge because never again will I have the use of both my hands at one time - even now I type this with one hand.  The phone provides a way to stay connected and share with family and friends, it can call these same family and friends for help.  It is a white noise or lullaby machine.  A schedule keeper/tracker.  But what saved me the most during those middle of the night breastfeeding marathons were all the games (and Pinterest app) that kept me from falling asleep while feeding Ella.

Humidifier - Ella seemed to always be congested those first few weeks and we noticed a huge difference in her sleep when the humidifier was on.  She breathed a slept so much better.

White Onesies - Stock up on these!  We went through several a day.  Between diaper blowouts and milk dribble we were always putting a new one on and she wore these under every outfit.  My favorites are the Carter's Precious Firsts.  They are soft, thick, hold their shape and wash-up nicely.  Gap also has really nice onesies if you want to spend a little more or you can find them on sale.

Bouncy Seat -  Or whatever you call it.  I would not be able eat, shower or put clothes on without this.  Enough said.  The Baby Bjorn happens to be what we use and Ella and I love it.  It is light, collapsible and easily moves from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom!  And Ella loves to play and sleep in it or just watch mommy get ready.

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Aimee said...

Great list! The sleep sack, soothes, and burp cloths are definitely way up there on my "list" too!

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