December 7, 2012

DIY: Chalkboards

I've officially jumped on the chalkboard bandwagon.  I couldn't resist it any longer.  Everything I was coming across on Pinterest was just so cute and rather useful.

I have a small blank wall in my kitchen that we've never committed to.  It is in a constant state of change.

I think the chalkboard craze has almost completed this transformation.  Once we are a one dog family I would like to add lower cabinets for storage with built-in garbage.  Right now the dogs need that floor space.  Back to the chalkboard......

This was an easy and fast update.  I painted the wall with chalkboard paint then used trim to frame it.  We use this all the time for grocery lists, reminders, notes to each other etc.  I love it!!!

I had quite a bit of chalkboard paint leftover and couldn't just stop at one project so I made some mini chalkboards as well.

Someone didn't like them as much as I did.  I think she feels they are objects of torture - she is not a fan of photo props.  And perhaps they remind her of our first, failed photo shoot using them.  Not that the above was a success.

Don't they say in showbiz to never work with dogs and babies....?

Back to the project.  To make these mini chalkboards I used old frames I had laying around.  Just remove the backing and glass.  I then cut 1/4" hardwood to fit my frame.  It is very similar to plywood but has a smoother finish which is perfect for chalkboard paint.  Once the paint is completely dry (follow the instructions on the can) then glue or staple the board to your frame.  It is that easy.

Here are some other ideas on ways to use up the leftover paint:  

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