December 13, 2012

Our Little Reindeer

Someone is ready for her first Christmas.  I think she is catching on to my excitement because we did not shed one tear during this photo shoot.  She even loved her antlers and didn't try to rip them off.  She makes one really cute reindeer.

Of course Ella is too young to really understand the Christmas season but that is not holding me back.  I know she will enjoy looking back at the pictures to see all the memories we were creating from the beginning.

The first Christmas activity was of course the Christmas tree.  I love picking out the Christmas tree because I have so many wonderful memories of bundling up and going to a Christmas tree farm with my family to cut down our very own tree.  It was so fun to try and find the perfect one.  For my family that meant a really FAT tree.  We loved and still do full, plump trees.  Unfortunately the past two years we haven't cut down our own tree.  The Christmas tree farms are either all closing or have pretty pathetic trees.  That's okay, it is the perfect time for Bran and I to start our own family traditions.  Now we go to this adorable little zoo in our town that is covered in Christmas lights.  We sip hot chocolate while we pick out our tree and enjoy the bedazzled animals.  I can't wait for Ella to be old enough to enjoy it.

This year we went during the day due to our schedules and still had a great time but it really is much more charming and magical at night.  Here are some pics from our trip last year.

After picking out the tree I immediately need to start decorating it.  I have no patience and always beg Bran to put it up right away.  I always play Christmas music (or a Christmas movie), pull out every ornament and place it on my table so I can re-admire them all and then we are allowed to string the lights and hang the ornaments.  Hot chocolate is always involved as well.
This year Ella wasn't feeling the whole Christmas tree decorating.

I think she just needed to see it completed in all its sparkly beauty.
Because then she was all smiles and let me do this.

 I took a billion of these because she was so darn cute and she just kept smiling (or at least she never cried).  You know what I just realized....I never got a picture of just our tree.  What can I say, who wants a picture of a tree when there is a really cute baby to take pictures of?  I guess I'll need to work on that.

Up next on our Christmas checklist:

- Making Christmas cookies (Ella will be an observer this year)
- Making Christmas ornaments
- Christmas present wrapping (This is for me, not Ella I guess)
- Christmas cards
- Visiting Santa
- And many more photo shoots

All while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate of course!

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A.B. said...

Love these pics. Love those moments.

What photo editing software are you using??

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