August 2, 2010

Wedding Week: The Proposal (and how I ruined it)

Oh the proposal.  It is the first question ever girl asks a newly engaged couple, "How did he do it!?"  I think this is the part we love because it says a lot about the couple and the man.  It speaks to their personalities and plus it is fun to see what the guys come up with.   Well, if this is true then I am afraid about what our proposal says about me.  You see, I was not on my best behavior but let me start this story from the beginning.

November 9, 2007 started out just like any other Saturday.  My brother had some friends in town from school so we thought it would be fun to all go down into the city and show them around.  Bran and I thought it would be fun to breakaway from the typical, tourist sightseeing and go to my fav. museum the Shedd Aquarium and then meet back up with them for dinner so we decided to bum a free ride and drive down with my family.  They dropped us off at the Shedd and everyone went on there ways.  

Well the line just to get into the Shedd to buy tickets was several hours and you had to wait outside in the freezing weather the whole time.  As much as I love the Shedd my patience quickly died as with my patience.  I finally convinced Brandon to ditch the Shedd so we quickly rearranged our plans and decided to ditch my family completely and make our way to an early dinner.  Brandon's one request was that we make our way to Buckingham Fountain which lucky for us was just a short walk through the park to Michigan Ave. where we could pick up a cab, get warm and eat.  All which sounded so good to me.  He led the way and we ended up on Michigan Ave. by Millennium Park first (not Buckingham).  So we stopped in Jamba Juice, grabbed some COLD smoothies to tide us over until dinner and sat inside chatting for awhile.  Once we finished we decided to walk around Millennium first and then make our way across the street through Grant and to the fountain before heading to dinner.  I thought this would be quick....I was wrong.  

We had to stop and take pictures at the bean.

We stopped and smelled the flowers.

We walked back and forth on the big metal bridge.

Then finally we headed towards Grant Park.  But first we had to stop at the Art Museum to take photos with the lions.  Of course, once we got there, there was wedding taking photos so we stopped and watched.  I was cold, wearing uncomfortable shoes and cranky.  Bran had already lectured me on my attitude and how I needed to stay positive and this was his turn to plan so I really wasn't expecting what was coming.  But I definitely struggling to keep my attitude in check.

Finally we got to Buckingham Fountain and guess what?!  All the pretty lights were turned off so you couldn't even see was completely shut down.  So of course I complained EVEN MORE.  I might have edged on mean......but seriously I had no idea what he was up to...I wouldn't have been so mean if I had.  Well even thought the lights were off Bran had to walk around the fountain.  So I dragged my feet next to him (they were numb with cold and pain.)  Once half way around he started doing cartwheels - WHAT? Cartwheels?

Then he got me laughing and got me doing them too.

Then I got goofy.

So after our pit stop we finished our round and I hurried us to the street to catch a taxi - I was very hungry!  
But Bran stopped me and said, "let's go around one more time." 
And I said, and I quote,

"You go around it again, I'm going to dinner."

And I walked away. 
I am a brat.

As I turned for the street I noticed our friends walking towards us.  
Foot in mouth.

I turned around and just kept apologizing over and over.
When I saw him he was already on his knee with the box in his hand.

He asked and I said Yes (and I'm sorry again)
and then thank you for still asking and not getting scared off.

Our friends were there taking pictures and celebrating with us.

You see Bran had it all set up before we even left town that day.  We would spend the afternoon at the Shedd and then make our way through the park and stop at Buckingham (which would be all lit up) where he would kneel down and propose.  He had arranged for all our friends to meet us at Buckingham at 5:30 pm where they would hide and take pictures and celebrate with us.

So I may have ruined his entire proposal.  Oops.

I still think it is a great story and we had so much fun celebrating with our friends afterwards.

And my family - well he didn't tell them for fear they would let it leak (smart move knowing my family) so they had already started for home.  Oh by the way, he did ask my Dad for my hand in marriage - they knew it was coming sometime - just not that day.

So there is the proposal - more wedding details coming tomorrow.  Come on back.

Oh and PS is it a coincidence that I watching the Bachelorette proposal right now?!?


miranda said...

I like your story and your boots were really cute, though I'm sure your feet really were hurting!
Here is our story if you want to check it out!

Elizabeth said...

that's an adorable story! mine was really boring lol. at least you have something funny to tell the kids and grandkids! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. It is a funny story and yes my feet were killing but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Elizabeth, I liked your engagement story. I thought it was so sweet and simple and so honest and heartfelt. I would cherish that.

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