August 7, 2010

Wedding Week: Inspiration and Ideas

This so far is my favorite post of wedding week because there are so many things that a) I wish I would have thought of or known about and b) I wish every bride had a limitless budget (or all weddings were free) so that these things could all be done without loads of time, creativity and talent.  Because let's face it, most of us could not DIY this stuff and make it look so good.  And even if you DIY, it doesn't mean it is always cheap - sometimes just cheaper or just homemade.  Anyway, it's still fun to look at beautiful photos and gain some inspiration.  

Click the images below to be brought to these inspirational blogs - they are amazing.

So who doesn't love inspiration boards - especially when it is a wedding inspiration board.  So much goodness packed into such a small space.

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I wish I would have seen this cake for my wedding.  I would have loved to have like 4 tiers of this design.  It would have fit right in.

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This cake is so fun.  Who would have thought of decorating with rock candy?  I had rock candy in our candy bar but on the cake.....spectacular.  It isn't for your traditional wedding but it rocks..haha.

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Love, love, love these place cards.  Yes, they are place cards.  Genius!
courtesy of 100layercake

I love this idea for place cards.  Yummy and practical.  Just grab some fun straws from thinkgarnish like these:
to tie to the bottles and your guests are good to go.

Now there is nothing more I love than lots of lush and beautiful fresh flowers but this bouquet had me at hello.  It is so soft and sweet and loaded with tons of interest and creativity.  If you can't see yourself carrying something like this down the aisle (I probably couldn't) then maybe your bridesmaids could.  I still don't know if I would do that but I totally would use this as my flowers for the toss the bouquet tradition - who wouldn't love catching this momento from the wedding.  It would also make a great prop for some of your wedding photos and the best part is, it won't die.  You could have it forever.  I am thinking of even making one for my house - a permanent bouquet for the living room.  

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I am in love with these ring boxes.  They are a beautiful heirloom item and the idea of engraving them makes my heart happy. So so sweet.

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The Smith Family said...

The ribbon bouquet...HEEEELLO! I am making one with you. I NEED IT!

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