August 22, 2010

Opening Shop

Well it is more like a re-opening.  I'm back to the knitting and have decided to re-open my Etsy shop.

Knitting is just a hobby for me - one I learned from my Grandma when I was a little girl.  We both shared the baby craze (a love for all things baby).  She always knit baby hats, booties, and blankets and that is what she taught me to knit and I want to share them with all of you because I having no babies myself and I have no idea what to do with these things.  Plus it can be a pretty expensive and time-comsuming hobby so after the recommendation of many I decided to start selling them to whomever would want them.  Thus I learned about the amazingness that is Etsy.  It makes it so easy!

Please stop by and check out my shop - Sweet P Knits.
You can also check out the link in my sidebar or the Sweet Pea Knits tab page above for more knitting and baby things.  I do work mostly from orders so feel free to email me at or messaging me at my Etsy shop for inquiries.

Here is what I have been up to lately.....

I think the thing that I love more than the hats themselves are the pin flowers that spice them up.  Of course, they are only applicable for girls but that's what makes it so great.  They are pins so you can take them or leave or put them on something else.  I have big plans for these flowers (and some others I have been making) but that will be a post all on its own.  Too many ideas.  But here is a peek at the flowers.  I am still perfecting them.

P.S.  I'll be out for a few days.....hopefully less


Allison said...

Jess - I LOVE the flowers!! Hopefully my friends will have some baby girls soon :)

Anonymous said...

I love the flower additions too!

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