August 4, 2010

Wedding Week: The Big Day - At The Church

August 9th, 2008

I absolutely loved my wedding day.  I truly enjoyed and cherished every moment.  I woke up calm, rested and so excited.  The day called for rain but I really didn't care - what could I do about it anyway?

I met all my bridesmaid at a local salon for a breakfast buffet and hair and make-up.  I wish my photographer could have been there but I didn't have him meeting us until we got to the church at noon.  Oh well.  It was so fun to get ready with all girls, have some quality time while we were alone and laugh - laugh a lot.  The best part about getting ready that morning was the power going off - like completely out.  Mid hair and make-up.  Unfortunately with no power we really couldn't continue getting ready so the whole salon moved to my house to get ready - boy did we surprise my dad and brother.  I think my brother liked watching all these cute hairstylist converge on the house.  It worked great.  Everyone improvised and spread out to all the outlets and we were done in no time and on our way to the church.

I loved that the day seemed to move at a nice slow pace (not too slow though.)  We really had fun.  Enough talking  - now for the photos.

WARNING:  This may be excessive.  You understand - it's hard to choose.

(my mom's favorite champagne actually.  it seemed so perfect for the day.)

monogram on the veil

my grandmothers hanky that i had embroidered for my something old and a charm from my best friend and maid of honor for my something borrowed that was wound around my bouquet

more hankies from my grandmother (who passed away shortly before the wedding) that i made ring pillows out of

the best man delivering the groom's gift

my funny little ring bearers - they pretty much ran down the aisle with those exact faces

she dumped all her flowers at once and didn't know what to do

he told us to turn around see all the people that love us and support us - something must have been funny

Off to the ceremony!  
See you there - but not until tomorrow.

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