August 15, 2010

DIY: Earring Display

I am sorry it has been so long since I last posted.  It has been a crazy week at the cherry street cottage and I am hoping to catch up this week and get back on track.

One of these crazy things was the fact that it was my last week with my sister, Kate, before she makes her first trek off to college as a Freshman.  I wish she was sticking closer to home but I know going far away will be a wonderful adventure for her and I am excited for all the possibilities and opportunities she will have off at college.

It made me so nostalgic for those early days at college.  The anxiety and newness of it all but most of all dorm-decorating.  I had so much fun dorm shopping with Kate and re-living it all again through her.  I wish I could help move her in but unfortunately work needs me so I put together a few things she can add to her space.  If you know my sister, you know she loves jewelry so I wanted to give her something that was practical and yet cute.  A home made earring display.  Earrings are the perfect accessory so why not use them as a dorm accessory as well.

This was so easy to throw together and I am guessing you probably have most of these items laying around.

I had a few frames laying around in a pile waiting to be sent to goodwill so instead I decided to re-purpose them.  

Unfortunately the glass in these frames did not just lay on the inside but instead were completely secured so it required some extra, careful work.

For safety and easy clean-up I placed the frames in a garbage bag before knocking out the glass.

That was the easiest clean-up ever!  And I was left with a blank slate.

And the last step was cutting out the chicken wire and stapling it to the back of the frame on the lip that would hold the glass.  That was it - so fast and so easy and now it is a great place for my sister to display her amazing earrings while still keeping them organized and easy to find.  Plus it has hooks so she can hang it on the wall or it has a thick base so it can just sit on a table.

My sister has much cuter earrings than me.  I hope she likes it!!


Megan Forrester said...

Cute! I might have to give this a try.

Anonymous said...

Really cool! I whish I could do it without breaking the glass, it could be used for sth else :)

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