January 9, 2014

Basement Remodel: Drywall

We are slowly making progress on the basement.  It is hard to remodel over the holidays but now that we are into 2014 I am hoping we can move a little quicker.  I talk as if Brandon and I are the ones physically remodeling this basement, which we are definitely not.  I feel somewhat guilty about that with all the talented DIY bloggers out there but I am extremely thankful because it would be a disaster if it was up to us.  It is better to say the contractors finished the framing and drywalling over the holidays.  Since or ceilings are so low we found out we can't drywall the ceiling.  Instead we are painting it white.   Which is the next step.  We are working on getting painters in there to spray our ceiling (and budget allowing maybe even the walls.)  After that is complete we can finish the woodwork, baseboards, doors, railings etc. and then finally the carpet will be installed.  We just ordered the carpet which will be ready for install in two weeks and I am hopeful we can have everything completed by then.  But we all know what really happens to budget and timing with remodels…. 

Here is a visual update on the progress.  I hope it is easier to get a grasp for the space in these photos.

The above is the view as you come down the stairs and look to the left.  Again, we will place an entertainment center along the right wall in the nook.  We are contemplating the idea of nice built-ins instead of a piece of furniture.  It will all come down to budget.  I know I have mentioned it before but we are really trying to be careful and keep the cost way down.  So while we are pricing out the investment of built-ins, Ikea may just be the answer.  

This is the view as you look more left. 

And even more left.  (These directional comments are terrible - I am so sorry).  Here is the far wall opposite the entertainment center.  I am hoping to have cabinets for storage with a butcher block counter and shelves above.  My hope is this area will be a shared space for some toys along with some of my crafts.  The door on the far left will be a pretty large closet!  The things you get excited about once you are a homeowner and mom.  Storage!

Here is a view of the stairs, closet and the door on the far right will be the bathroom.

Again the stairs, door to storage and laundry and then a little extra book shelf nook which you can hardly see in this photo.

Here is a better view of the nook.  The open plumbing and installation you see will be closed off with a panel of some sort.

And now we have come full circle with another view of the entertainment wall.

I cannot wait to see this space finished with paint, carpet and furniture.


Ashley.Renee.Redelman said...

Whoo hoo progress! This is going to look so awesome when it's finished!

Unknown said...

It's hard to continue with the renovations during the holidays since your main focus is on how to celebrate the season with your friends and families. Your progress might be slow, yet I'm sure you'll be able to finish it fabulously. Keep us updated on your basement remodel! Will be waiting for the finished project! :)

Abel Holmes @ DemandRestoration

Anonymous said...

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