July 5, 2013

DIY: Instagram sticker book

I love the fact that I can easily capture any and all of Ella's little moments on my phone.  I haven't given up on my DSLR but it is large and heavy.  It is a pain to carry in the diaper bag and I often miss the moment trying to whip it out.  The iPhone takes pretty decent photos and with Instagram it is so easy to instantly edit and share them.  My instagram photos are some of my favorites but I never knew what to do with them.  Then I learned how to use clear packing tape to make stickers and I've been addicted to turning my IG photos into stickers ever since.

Here is how I turn these photos into sticker books.

 Print the photos in color.  The photos should be 2in. x 2in. squares so the tape can easily fit over the photos.

Using clear packing tape, tape over the photos.  I made sure each photo was completely covered by one   piece of tape with no seams.

Then cut each photo out.

I bought several of these accordion photo books by Martha Stewart to hold my photos.  You can use anything.  The photos stick well to anything: paper, glass, plastic....get creative with where you display your photos.  I put several on glass votives so when the candles were lit the photos glowed.

We are not done yet though.  You need to get the tape sticky again.  To do that you soak the photos in water and rub of the paper with your fingers. 

The paper comes off easily leaving just the ink from the photo.  There will be a transparency to the photo where the ink was light or white.  You will also start to feel the stickiness of the tape.

Lay them upside down to dry a bit before using them.

I love my little photo book.  I plan to fill many of these.  I certainly have enough photos!


The Smith Family said...

I love this and am going to have to try it out. I agree that iPhone is much easier than the DLSR — some of my favorite photos end up on instagram too.

Gina said...

:( not sure why but the stickiness of my tape never came back!

Unknown said...

Gina, I'm sorry your stickiness never returned. I haven't experienced that so far. I use a cheap, no-name brand too. Perhaps you are rubbing the paper off a little too hard and removing the stickiness with it. It is okay to have a little residue and even paper. And so those first few aren't wasted you can probably glue them with a glue stick…Good luck. Hope you are able to get the stickiness back.

Gina said...

I guess I rub the tape too hard too as I was trying to get the paper residue removed! I will try it again then :) Thanks, Jessica!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, I really love the idea. Lots of our memorable pictures stored on my iPhone and I'm thinking print it and compile it on a photo album. Eventually, I'm going to try it out. Cheers :)

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