May 6, 2014

Knit Baby Hats - Baby Boy

While pregnant with Ella I went a little crazy knitting hats and headbands for her.  Granted, she was a fall/winter baby but still I don't think she wore half of them.  I tried.

Buried in hats.

So I swore I would not go as a crazy the second time around.  Especially since it's a May baby.  Not exactly hat weather.  But then I  found out we were expecting a boy.  And then I started shopping and thinking about his coming home outfit and all the photos that get taken at the hospital and this happened…...

I've narrowed down the hospital collection to the following:

Excessive yes but much improved from Ella's collection.

She did look so cute in them….

To make some of your own baby hats visit my Etsy shop for some of the patterns….

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