July 28, 2010

Back to the Baby Hats

Once the warm weather hit I put down my yarn and needles and headed out to the yard to pick up some larger tools.  It's funny how much I actually missed knitting - I mean knitting is not fun but it is a creative outlet that I enjoy and I just love mixing my love for knitting and babies.  I really fell in love with this newborn earflap hat I put made.  I am contemplating making a larger version for myself - mostly due to the super soft lining I put in.  Check it out:

and the lining - I wish you could feel it, so so soft

The best part about it though is that it is super tiny - for a brand new baby.  It would have to be a winter baby - perfect for the cold trip home.

I've also been working on a blanket for myself.

It's hard to tell in the photos but I am almost finished.  I just need to get back to it.  That is another reason why I love baby items.  They are super tiny and fast so I did get bored with the project and can always be trying new things but when you work on a larger project it gets old fast.

So I'm happy to be back to the knitting, especially the baby hats.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a great little baby hat! Where did you get the lining? Is it hard to put in? I would love to make some for my girls...

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