July 14, 2010

Slip Cover part 3 - the end

I am not sure I even want to do this.  I am quite ashamed with the state of my slip cover.  You will not be getting any step by step instructions from me on this DIY project.  I learned many lessons though, lessons that I know I will soon forget.  I compare it to giving birth.  I, myself, have never done this but I am told that you somehow forget the utter hell of pushing a football (sometimes larger) through your vajayjay.  How the brain forgets trauma like that I do not know.  So it will be with this slip cover - the forgetting part. I learned other lessons though, besides never do this again.  May I share them with you, perhaps you can learn from my mistakes.

1.  Do not think that you can just wing it.  You can't - unless you are Martha.
     1 1/2.  Actually use the book you purchased for this project.
2.  Sew the cushion separately.
3.  Make actual measurements.
4.  Use these actual measurements to cut your fabric and align.
5.  Take your time sewing, especially around corners and rounded parts ( I don't know what those are called.)
6.  Honestly, just buy a slip cover.  It is so not worth it.

Well, now that I have admitted what an awful job I have done I guess there is nothing left to do but just show you the retched final outcome.  I may be a bit dramatic.  But it truly should not be pasted on the internet, none the less I am doing it because you can't start it and post about it and not finish it.   And yes, I will leave it like that - for now and no you will not see any detail shots - none.  Use your imagination.

The free, comfy chair that puppy Hudson is modeling.

Then I found a cheap, slip cover online but it was too small for the chair - we made it work and Lola loved it.  So much that she started to eat it while she lounged.

Then my masterpiece.  The only thing I like about it is the color and fabric.  

Since I rushed through the sewing of the slip cover, I had some time to whip up a few of the pillows.  I even sewed in zippers.  That was my first time ever doing that.  So at least I did something right tonight.  I have a ton more to make with the cheap-o Joann fabric.

So there you have it.  Now that I have completely exposed the failure of this project and my sewing capabilities - it's time for bed.


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