July 18, 2010

Sorry Charlie - it's SOLD!

Well I am certainly not sorry because I ran away with some unbelievable steals this weekend.  I have talked before about my love for Land of Nod, the children's version of Crate of Barrel but I have yet to share with you the awesomeness that is the Land of Nod outlet.  I know, I know -we have no kids (and no plans for awhile) but you can still benefit from this store and most certainly the outlet without them.

This weekend my wonderful cousins Noelle and Katie came down to visit - well to visit the Land of Nod outlet.  They were just passing through the area to pick up my Aunt and Uncle at the airport (they were coming home from overseas) and thought why not make a trip of it.  Can you blame them?  So of course we offered to join them.  And boy I am glad we did.  Not only did us women (who are more alike then we like to admit) have a blast convincing each other to spend more money but we all seriously walked away with some unheard of deals.  Honestly, unheard of.  The funny thing about this trip is Katie is the only one with any babies at home.  Two cute adorable little girls.  But that didn't stop us.  Let me show you.....

First I have to show you the crowning jewel.  I am still drooling over this purchase.  
I could not say no.

Isn't she beautiful?

Guess how much?!?  You won't get it.  Let me first tell you the rough estimate of what it once was.  According to the prices of their current wardrobes now this wardrobe was originally between $699-$899.  That's a pretty penny but it is a beautiful, solid piece of furniture.  Now to blow your pants off.

I walked away with it for a mere $99.

Yes, $99

Can you believe it?  I cannot.  And it didn't have a flaw.  Not one. 

And it holds so much - all my crafts.

We will always have this piece because it is so versatile.  It could be a linen closet, a closet in our basement for games, blankets and other entertainment necessities or an actual closet or wardrobe.  

That wasn't the only deal though.  I didn't get a picture but Noelle walked away the cutest $10 lamp - again no flaw.

Katie got these two great cube/storage benches for $50 each - originally $150.

The bench pads were $10 each as well and make a perfect little play area.

Now I don't have a baby but Katie adores her Baby Bjorn so when she saw these for $25 her jaw dropped.  These bouncers retail for $180 - check them out here.  So she bought 2.  Can you blame her?  That would make one killer baby shower gift or she could leave one at her parent's house or one upstairs and one downstairs.  Did I also mention that she owns one at home?  Yes she is now in possession of 3 Baby Bjorn bouncers.  But I am told they are the best. I think it was well worth it.

We definitely walked away with many more goodies with deals just as good but I don't want to bore you with news about $99 amazing strollers, or $20 baby bassinets and other goodies.  You just have to check it out yourself - if you are near one.

Thanks for the fun shopping trip girls.  Katie - Noelle and I expect your hand-me-downs!  We did help purchase them after all.


Amy Capps said...

I can't believe you got that beautiful piece of furniture for $99!!! Amazing Jess! When I get back to the states, I must go shopping with you!

Noelle Story said...

Aw!!! Now I wish I would have bought one too! It was so fun Jess, I keep telling people about it. I can't wait to do more cousin's shopping on Sunday! Love ya.

Unknown said...

Amy, I will happily go shopping with you anytime when you return!!

Noelle, You should have bought one. They still may have a few....we will find some great things this Sunday to make up for it. So excited. Love ya and see ya Sunday.

Holli said...

Love the armoire, Jessica! I would make the trip to get one myself, if we weren't on the verge of downsizing. I am impressed at all your shopping finesse. You have some great finds!!

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