July 8, 2010

DIY: Refinishing the Dining Room Table

When we first got married and were making the rounds exchanging gift doubles and finishing the registries with gift cards etc. we found this beauty at Pottery Barn for $300, a floor sample.  We have a small dining space and this was perfect.  We were so excited that we came across such a nice table for so cheap.

Well cheap it was.   Sure Pottery Barn is super easy and stylish but I have heard stories about the "quality" of certain products and boy am I starting to believe it.  After just a few months (with no rough housing kids) this is what our table started to look like.


It was in some desperate need of a new coat.  Pretty table cloths worked well for the past two years but I thought it was time that this table shine in all her glory - without covering up.

So with a little elbow grease I had her shining like new - maybe even better.  I mean she was a floor sample.  (side note: can I just say that she was a spotless floor sample.  It could have been because her home was the towel section and those cozy, plush towels treated her well.  I love floor sample sales!)

Anyhoo.....so first we said goodbye to her crappy "stain".

She was a naked beauty.  So much better natural.  I really wanted to just leave her raw with some polyurethane to protect her but I didn't feel like sanding her legs - too much work.  Because the rest of the table was in great shape we decided to just refinish the top.  We were able to match the stain which made it so much easier and quicker.

I gave her several coats and made sure they dried in between so it really soaked into the table and didn't just sit on top.

Lots of coats of stain and polyurethane later

She looked dark and beautiful.  

(yes I still need to paint in here. so shameful.)

No scratches or peeling parts.

PS.  Do not do this project under a tree.  Unless you like a natural look.  Also, beware of bugs.  Unless you like eating with them.

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Elizabeth said...

that looks amazing! i have also heard that about PB, but it looks like you fixed it nicely!

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