July 12, 2010

Over My Head

My obsession with Joann's has finally gotten me in trouble - big trouble.  But how can I resist the many 50% off coupons that arrive through my snail mail and virtually right here on this computer?  And I am allowed to use them at the same time.  What store do you know of that lets you do that?  And rarely is there a week where a Joann coupon does not exist.  I refuse to buy anything there full price - I don't think I have bought anything there full price.  Truly.  If I don't have a coupon I find that they have amazing sales anyway and half their stuff is 40-50% off.  Like this weekend.  I found that the clearance section was an additional 50% off.  Also, ALL special order fabric was 50% off.  How can you beat that?  That is why I am in over my head, way over my head.  

I bought a lot of fabric.  And a book.  But I needed to buy the book because I bought a lot of fabric.

It is a sick cycle.

Well all this fabric, except for the Waverly paisley, was bought from the clearance section for next to nothing.  I am planning on making pillows out of it all.  Cute, stylish pillows to spruce up the space and add some color.  That is not my problem though.  I bought the zippers and I am ready for those.  The Waverly paisley doesn't worry me either.  I am already replacing our bathroom window treatment.  This is way more fun.

No, what totally worries me and makes me almost pee my pants in fear is the light blue/green velvet fabric.  Yes, the fabric that I bought for $6 a yard (originally $24) so that I can make a new slipcover for our large, awkward armchair in the living room.  Yes this one, the one that Lola loves and is white.  

Black Dog + White Chair = Disaster

Yes, thats the chair.

Well, this is what it looks like now.....

It is going really well so far.  

And that book I bought for $10 at 50% off - it is of NO help.  None.  So I am on my own - with the fabric already cut in sections.  



Tate and Abby said...

Use the slip cover you took off of it as a pattern. If you have to, rip out the seams very carefully so that you can cut out all the pieces exactly. You will be fine, just be creative!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Abby! I should do that. The one I had on there is slightly smaller but knowing that I can over compensate. Thanks!!

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