July 24, 2010

And Good Morning to You

This is what we woke up to bright and early this Saturday morning.  Actually, we almost didn't wake up.  Fortunately our awesome neighbors called to give us a nice warning.  

So we ran downstairs still half-naked and saw this......

Fortunately we had no water in the basement!  

However, as we were standing on our porch in awe, my father-in-law drove past our street - of course he stopped when he saw us and the street-turned-lake- what kind of father-in-law would he be if he didn't, but he wasn't coming to see us.  Brandon's aunt has a home on the next block over and unfortunately she wasn't so lucky.  Our cousins Aimee and Nate live in the apartment down in her basement and woke up to inches of water.  So we hopped in his car (ours were still trapped) and headed over there for some major morning clean-up.  We even got to rip up brand new carpet.  Did I mention that we were still in our pajamas?!  Yea, no shoes and nasty pajamas and oh yea, I didn't brush my teeth or hair.  It was great!

We've been up since the wee early hours this morning and it feels like our day should be over but it is only 1:00 pm.  

Well at least we still have the whole day ahead of us and the sun is now shining.  

Oh and the minor detail of two, yes 2, weddings to attend tonight.  It should be a blast though!

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