July 29, 2010

Tile Shopping

We are finally going tile shopping tomorrow night.  I am super excited to begin the process of picking out tile for the kitchen.  I know we won't walk away with anything tomorrow but I really just want to see what options are out there, price ranges and different materials and start getting an idea of what works for us.  Our current tile now is not only ugly but it also is severely cracked with hardly any grout left.  It makes me a little worried about what condition the subfloor is in but we will get to that when we get to that.  The top reason why we need to get new tile though is because of the dogs.  The cheap ceramic that we have now is way too slippery and the dogs are constantly slipping and falling.  It is very hard on their hips and Berners already are prone to major hip issues.  So since we love our dogs and want them to live long and full lives we want to make our house safer for them - well and I really just want new floors.  Lastly, I want something on the darker end since the dogs also track lots of dirt into the house.  I think our kitchen can handle a dark floor too since we have white cabinets and appliances and really light walls.  Here are a few images I snagged off the internet to show you what I am thinking.

Sooo we will see what we come across tomorrow.  I will try and remember my camera to share some of our favs.

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