July 22, 2010

another great deal

You are probably getting sick of hearing about all this crap I keep getting but I cannot contain my excitement and I just have to share it with you all.  I know you are not nearly excited about this as I, or even remotely excited, excited is a bad word.  You could just care less but humor me, please?

mmmmkay, thanks.

My favorite store in our small downtown is closing.  It is really the only redeeming store in our downtown. It is a mix of home accessories from antiques, farmhouse finds, and sweet, unique retail items.  I wish I would have taken photos for you - it was just so stylish and cozy.  Well, amidst my tears I was able to run over there and check out the wicked closing sale they have going on.  Boy, were there some GORGEOUS antiques for 50% off that I had my eyes on.  I figured Bran would not be too happy though if I brought home 2 large pieces of furniture in one week.  Okay maybe 3, if you count this priceless baby bassinet.....

(only $20 - don't judge)

......or 4 if you count the Baby Bjorn bouncer my cousin forced me  strongly coerced me into buying.  I am not kidding - I had no choice, even Bob the store manager was getting in on the persuasion.  So I, the NOT-pregnant woman, bought baby items.  Why?  Well because they were $20 and everyone kept telling me to save them - or give them away as the most amazing baby gifts ever, which actually sounds like a pretty sweet idea to me.  You can hear more about my Land of Nod steals here.

Back to the other super sweet sale I scored at....

So after parting ways with the beautiful antiques I found this gem.  

It glistened and sparkled and said, "I would love to hang above your kitchen sink."  And I said, "I would love for you to do that."  

And the best part.....it was $25.  Everything in the store was 50% off.  Because to be honest, I would never pay $50 for this light but $25, that is right up my alley. 

And think, how adorable will it look above the sink here....

And once we hang it there I can move the curtain back to lay actually against the window rather than be flush with the cabinets, which I did to hide the hideous light that is there now.  Once a super cute, stylish light goes up though, I will want to show it off and the curtain will make a great back drop.  

Now I just need to add it to Brandon's list. 


Noelle Story said...

No! I really liked that store too. At least you made the best out of it!

Unknown said...

Yea, I am so sad. I could have made out even better but I was limiting myself. I've spent enough and I knew we would be doing some shopping this weekend.

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