May 12, 2010

Sunroom please....

With two large dogs and a backdoor that opens directly into our kitchen it is more then just a desire to build a sunroom/mudroom on the back of our house.  It is quickly gaining priority over finishing the basement - it hasn't moved ahead yet - but it is getting very close.  Very very close.

So if we were ever to get to a place where it would be possible for such a huge addition I would like to bump out about 8-10 feet across the full length of the house (first floor only).  I know that would mean knocking down the tree and cutting into the deck a bit but it really is a large deck and if we did that then I would like to add stairs right in the middle onto the lawn, perhaps leading onto a stone patio.  Anyhoo....back to the inside.  In my dreams I would like for it to be paneled in white boards with lots of windows and an open ceiling.  Well let me show you what I have envisioned.

I would love the daybed in the far corner like so, windows and all.

Coastal Living

Here is a very rough mock-up of the would-be floor plan.

I don't think it is to scale but it gets the picture across.  Here is the room design again so you can see it side by side.

So that's the dream plan - the fun part.  We will see if it is ever in the books for execution.
Happy dreaming to you!

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