May 26, 2010


Let's try a little experiment.
This Friday I am taking the day off to celebrate with Bran (he's halfway through the CPA as of today - yay!) making it a very long 4 day weekend for me - gotta love Memorial Day.  So what do we do when we celebrate??  Yes, we work on the house.  The exciting lives we lead.  Well, we are throwing a quick trip out to the lake in there too.  But only a real quick one.
So the experiment.....
We are making our weekend To Do list right here, right now and then on Tuesday we will post how much of it we actually accomplished.  I know what you're thinking.....boring.  And yes it is.  But who are we kidding.  Most of this blog is boring.  Anyway, this is more for motivation for us.  Plus I'll post other things in between.

The List:
- assembling and staining the adirondack chairs
- strip the dining room table and re-stain
- strip the bench in the backyard, fix the slats and stain
- power-washing the flagstones from our old path and create borders with them
- why not power-wash the entire exterior of our house, the deck (to prep for paint), and the drive-way?  I think we will try
- finish the bookcases (not the mantle yet)
- do battle with the enormous ant clan
- plant, plant, plant
- grow grass on the other side of the fence - never before has the term "the grass is always greener on the other side" been more true - seriously.
- pick out a paint color for the living room - this has got to happen......

So that's the list.  It's on.  Let's see what actually happens......

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