May 31, 2010

The experimental results

Well I think it is safe to say that this experiment is a failure.  
I don't want to get ahead of myself though.  Let me first re-cap the Memorial weekend To Do list and share what was completed.

The List:
- assembling and staining the adirondack chairs

- strip the dining room table and re-stain
- strip the bench in the backyard, fix the slats and stain
- power-washing the flagstones from our old path and create borders with them
- why not power-wash the entire exterior of our house, the deck (to prep for paint), and the drive-way?  I think we will try
- finish the bookcases (not the mantle yet)
- do battle with the enormous ant clan
- plant, plant, plant
- grow grass on the other side of the fence - never before has the term "the grass is always greener on the other side" been more true - seriously.
- pick out a paint color for the living room - this has got to happen......

So as you can see this experiment was a failure with a whopping 50% completion rate.  I believe that would be a big fat F.

However, with anything, I do have excuses.

A very large storm rolled through on Memorial day, all day, which prevented us from completing a few of the tasks.  We were hoping to do some planting, grass growing, and power-washing today.  
Instead we did a lot of cleaning, laundry, and organizing.
Which was actually very, very necessary so I guess the storm came at the right time.

Fortunately, we had wonderful weather all the other days.  We got a lot of work done and even had a chance to escape to the lake.

Our first project was the adirondack chairs.  We have been wanting to invest in a nice set for some time now but when we found these at Home Depot for $30 a pop we had to try them.  Of course for $30, some assembly was required.

And some staining.

And I think it was worth it.

Next we tackled the flagstone.   I am going to tell you right now, while it was fun to power-wash them, I really don't like the look.  We are leaving it for now but eventually I would like to line each bed with the same stones that outline our garden near the path.

In between I battled the ant clan and stripped the said bench above.  I have not finished it and there are no pictures because it needs more work than I anticipated.  I will share more with the bench later.

Then we tackled the built-ins.  Kind-of.

The one bookshelf needed some more holes punched out to accommodate all the electrical cords for our TV stuff.  We still need to build a mantle and surround which will incorporate the built-ins and make it all look seamless.

So there it is.  Some of the items we were able to cross-off our list.  Hopefully we will be able to finish the list this next weekend.  Or the weekend after that since this upcoming weekend is our youngest siblings high school graduation. 
 Congrats Kate and Connor!

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