May 4, 2010

Knock Knock

After a long cold, drafty winter we are finally installing our new doors - TOMORROW!

Early this winter we discovered we had a major problem -


Have you noticed a recurring theme?  Yes our pups seem to create some aesthetic issues around here.  Good thing we love them a lot.  

While these are major problems, it isn't THE problem.  The reason why these doors could not come soon enough is because they don't work.  There are visual gaps between the doors and seal.  Thus it was a very cold and drafty winter.  We could not get our house to heat up above 64 degrees for the longest time, unless we did this - 

This posed several problems since a) we use that door the most, b) the dogs loved to tear it off and rip it into pieces and c) it was horribly ugly.  

While we were so set to replace the doors that very day, we learned from our contractor that replacing doors in the winter is stupid.  Well he didn't say it like that but I believe that would be the interpretation.  So finally, after months of waiting in misery, the day has come when we can gaze upon clean, fresh, tight doors and I do not have to be humiliated to greet our backdoor guests - since all our friends are backdoor guests.

Let us view a before shot of the front door....

So if all goes according to plan tomorrow I will show you the wonderful after shots because everyone loves a good before and after.

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