May 24, 2010

a revamped garden

My garden use to be less than inspiring.  It served it's purpose last year when I first discovered that I am a gardening goddess capable of growing edible plants but my successful garden had me wishing for more.  So I did what all wives do.....I sat down with the hubby and had a reasonable conversation in which I explained the benefits of re-paving the walkway and expanding the garden at the same time I played the damsel distraught by the state of her walkway, the constant flow of mud and dirt dragged into her house by the dogs and did I mention the safety hazards - I mean the lawsuits coming our way.  Somehow it worked - I think deep down he felt the same way - it was just plain ugly.

Can you spot the cinder block in this picture?  Yeah....

Do you see how uneven those stones are?

I cannot even begin to share how awful it was when it rained....sooo muddy.  Plus the garden was pretty small.

So when Bran gave me the thumbs up for the project, I called in the forces and bribed them with lots of good food and beer.  Between Brandon, his brother Tyler, our good friend Herbie and even our cousin David fresh off the plane from Scotland they had the path and garden well underway.  It was quite a task too.  They worked so hard to make this for me - I so appreciate them!  They are the best.  And they did a good job too....

Look at those studs!  

The path is pretty too.

And it is hard to see but I gained about 3 cubic feet of dirt  I wish I didn't have to have the fence but unfortunately the pesky puppies love to trample through there - gotta protect my veggies!

Thank you boys!!

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