May 8, 2010

DIY: Headboard 101

In no way do I consider myself any type of expert, in anything really, but particularly in construction and upholstery but our bedroom drove me to desperate measures.  It is a great, charming room but it has terrible angles and no real straight wall for a bed.  Furniture placement has been awful which is why we do not want to buy a bedroom set - we won't be in this house forever and we would rather wait till we could get something we loved for a room we loved.

(exhibit A)  

(exhibit B)

So we took some old antiques from my parents but needed a headboard that would fit in this awkward space.

So the solution was easy - make my own custom headboard to fit perfectly in the space.  How do you do such a thing you ask?  You may be asking the wrong person but I will share what I threw together.  

You will need:  
Plywood cut to size
Foam batting
Staple Gun
Decorative Nails
Bracket for hanging

First you staple the foam to the plywood.

Isn't the picture so informative....ha.

Then you staple the fabric over it.

My lovely baby sister Kate came over to help because it is soo much easier when you have more hands.  The fabric needs to be very tight.

Lastly, you measure out the location of the decorative nails if you want to use them and then carefully nail them in creating a nice tufting effect.  Or you could line the headboard with nails instead.  Lots of opportunities to customize it.

and voila....

A real grown-up bed!

And all for $40!!


ehammons3 said...

do you hang it?

Unknown said...

Yes, hang it!

Jennifer Ly said...

what size bed do you have? queen? and if so, do you remember what dimensions you used for your cut to size wood? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have the same type of ceiling over the challenge is what type of art to hang? Suggestions? I

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