May 23, 2010

In Bloom

The sudden surge of heat this weekend caused all the flowers to bloom. It is so lovely.  I wish I had more.  Everything in my yard is still in infancy - and there is a lot that is still to be planted.  Just recently I planted two rose vines to climb the fence by my bench.  They are sprouting little baby leaves and buds but unfortunately it will be ages before they become the full, luscious plants I hope.  I also planted two rose bushes and those are in the same form right now.

The peonies on the side of the house are in bloom and spreading.

Can you see the baby little sprouts in front?  

And then there are the two rose vines that already existed on the side of the house. They seemed dead last year from so much neglect so after some tender loving care they are coming back.  Unfortunately whoever planted them must not have known they were vines so they just fall over.  I am trying to reshape them now with sticks and string to see if I can get the one to grow on the fence and the other on a trellis up the fireplace.  That will take some time too but at least they are blooming!

You can kind of see them back by the air conditioner.  
There is one on each side.

Here is a basket on my porch.  I just like the colors.

And then there is my new favorite perennial.  The English Daisy.  I found four at Home Depot and had to scour nursery after nursery for more.  Finally I hit the jackpot at this nursery - Hacker's!

Maria and I with our stash! She just bought her first home - so fun!

There they are pre-bloom.  I bought 2 trays of them that is 36 plants!  My mom and Aunt Sally bought several off of me because they fell in love with them too.  Here they are when in full bloom.

In a few days this will be FULL of the little quaint blooms.  It is so charming and they just keep blooming.  I love it!  Can you tell I like them?

Can't wait to do some more planting!  

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